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What is a critical thinking essay

What is a critical thinking essay

Critical thinking is something we need not only for college assignments, but in our everyday life. With its help we analyze the information we receive and define its possible effects.

Critical thinking essay helps developing this skill. Students learn to analyze the problem, define its weak and strong points, define defects, etc. Criticism helps revealing negative and positive aspects of the problems under study.

So, what is this type of essay? If you think in this essay you should prove how mistaken the author is, you are wrong. Your task is to describe the problem, discuss it and find the true answer in the end. With the help of critical thinking essay students are usually asked to analyze a piece of written work.

This essay is rather difficult to write. This is not the type of work you can do for a couple of hours without putting much effort into it.

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5 steps to write an excellent essay

Step # 1. Write an introductory part. In it you introduce your task – the work of its author. It would be good if you say a few words about the author – their credentials, short story and the background of the work.  Also add your thesis statement.

Step #2. Give the shot description of the problem you are going to analyze. If you are working with the scientific paper you should name its goal, scientific statement and authors’ arguments.

Step #3. You should speak about the experience of the author of the work under analysis. Provide their degree, list of publications, level of citation – this will define the authority of the author in scientific world. It is a good idea to compare the author the work in the beginning of their scientific activity and now.

Step #4. Proceed to design the body part of your essay. It should be as big as introduction and conclusion put together. Divide the main part into several paragraphs according to the number of the arguments you are going to discuss.

For example, your arguments may be:

  • The world is not revealed completely
  • The methodology offered by the author may be inappropriate for a certain case.

Whatever your arguments are you should provide explanation and possible solution.

In the critical thinking essay you should focus on the work of the author, describe its weak and strong points.

Despite this is an essay – a type of literary work, you should make your style of writing more scientific. You are allowed to use different literature methods like comparison, description, but the general tone of your project should be scientific.

Step #5. The final part is the conclusion where you give your opinion on author’s work and say if you agree or disagree with the author. If you disagree on some points you should provide solution on improvement.

In this section you should indicate the value of author’s work and how it can be used on the sphere of application.

Critical thinking essay format

Formatting your essay is not less important that its content. It should have the standard structure of an essay:

  • Introductory part
  • Body part
  • Conclusive part.

When you finish writing the content, put your essay away for some time and then turn to it to:

  • re-read it
  • check the tone of your essay: it should be written in a friendly manner without open criticism of the author of the work under study
  • proof read it
  • check for the compliance with the teacher’s requirements
  • check for plagiarism.

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