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A term paper is an obligatory writing assignment for most college students. This type of work is created to express the level of your academic expertise and understanding of the subject you study.

However, excellent term paper writing requires not only good knowledge of the subject. You also need to develop writing skills and lots of time for doing extra research. Normally, the whole process takes from a couple of weeks to several months.

When teachers evaluate term papers, they usually pay attention not only to the informational value of the paper but also to its format, structure, grammar, stylistic, and lexical mistakes. Writing a term paper is a complexed work that requires lots of time and attention.

Often students have to write a term paper each semester. The deadline for passing a term paper usually coincides with a very busy time when students have their tests and exams. Every student thinks it’s difficult to manage their time in order to combine proper preparation for exams with writing a term paper.

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How to Compose a Term Paper

To write a good or excellent term paper, you should start from grounded research and preparation. After you develop a proper understanding of what to write about, collect proper facts, and make notes that will help you with writing, you can start to create the term paper itself.

Develop your thesis for term paper

The thesis is the first part of your term paper that a reader meets. That’s why it’s very important to develop a good, laconic and informative thesis. It should include some details about the subject to present it and some elements that can catch the attention of a reader. These elements are called ‘hooks.’ It can be an interesting fact, rare statement, statistics, joke, a famous phrase, etc.

Create a term paper outline

An outline is a very useful part both for a writer and for readers. In fact, an outline is a laconic reflection of your plan. You can imagine this as a base or as a type of ‘skeleton’ of your paper. Having a good outline helps you to structure your text in a good way.

Term paper introduction

Let’s imagine your reader is interested in the topic you write about, however, doesn’t have as much understanding of it as you do. In this case, you would, probably, plan to tell some interesting facts, explain why you think this topic is important and how you plan to use the results of your research. That’s the introduction!

The main task of this paper part is to make your readers acquainted and involved in the theme. However, it’s important to understand the difference between the introduction, − where you give your reader some understanding of a subject; and the main part, − where you describe the most important results of your research.

Term paper body

After you attract your reader with the thesis and make him involved with some general data in the introduction, it’s time for the main part. The body part is the most informative part of your essay. Here you speak about everything you managed to find out during your previous research.

This part is usually quite big, that’s why it’s recommended to separate it into paragraphs and subparagraphs to make the reading process easier.

Term paper conclusion

You need to analyze the information expressed in the body part and make a useful conclusion. Experts advise to underline the main idea of each paragraph and use them for writing a good conclusion. Don’t forget about a certain connection between the thesis and the final conclusion.

Cite credible sources right

Writing a list of references is a must for making your academic papers valuable and informative. Find out the general requirements for your term paper formatting. They may depend on the academic style advised by your teacher or a high school.

Review and revise your term papers

No matter how developed your writing skills are, you should always plan some time for reading and editing your term paper. While making a review pay attention to several aspects:

  • The informative value of each part and of the whole term paper;
  • Format and structure of the text;
  • Style of the term paper;
  • Readability of the text;
  • Lexical, grammar, and stylistic mistakes.

Never Do This: 5 Don’t for Writing Term Papers

  1. Don’t Forget About Formatting

    When you have a writing task, you also get a list of requirements. It may include the academic format, recommended size, and theme. Ignoring these recommendations is not a good idea. Check all the requirements, including the rules of the academic style before starting to write.

  2. Don’t make sentences and paragraphs too long

    The longer a sentence is, the harder it is to read it. The same with paragraphs. Make sure your sentences are short enough to be read easily. Break paragraphs into subparagraphs and use lists and charts to make the reading process more comfortable.

  3. Don’t think that writing a great body part is enough for getting A+

    A body part is the main component of a term paper. It’s very informative, and it reflects your academic knowledge properly. However, it’s not the only part that influences your mark. Pay equal attention to all components of the term paper.

  4. Don’t copy extracts of scientific articles or term papers of other students

    Inexperienced students may think it’s enough to copy parts of texts from different sources and to combine a kind of term paper from them. Such an approach may not only destroy your hope to get a good mark but may also destroy your reputation. It’s not allowed to use someone’s text without a major rewrite or paraphrasing. Plagiarism checkers can easily show whether your term paper is written by you or copied from other sources.

  5. Don’t cut time for editing and proofreading

    It’s very important to check your text after it’s written. Proofreading can take more time than you expect. However, this final part of your work is very important. Some misprints can spoil all that you’ve done to get a good mark.

Top Term Paper Topics


  • Ways of social adaptation for ex-prisoners
  • Should children be obliged to visit psychologist after their parents’ divorce?
  • What is the main obstacle for successful social integration of immigrants from Africa and the Middle East?


  • Instagram culture: how does social media influence the behavior of teenagers and young people?
  • Possible ways of preventing postpartum depression.
  • How can psychological help be used in anticancer therapy?


  • Who is the evilest character in the world’s history?
  • Which discovery had the greatest influence on the development of the industry?
  • Which epidemy was the most dangerous?


  • Which country can be the most important potential economic partner for the USA?
  • How can we stop poverty in Africa?
  • Why is a good image of a country so important for a good economy?


  • Should people be allowed to vote online?
  • Is it necessary to set an age limit for becoming a president?
  • What are the main benefits of making unions of nations?


  • What can be done to make more people donate their organs after death?
  • Which governmental projects may help a woman be a good mother and build a professional career at the same time?
  • Is abortion a crime?


  • What are the best ways to prevent health issues of school children?
  • Which type of food is the most dangerous for older people?
  • Should people be restricted from drinking cow’s milk?


  • What is more unethical: killing animals at farms for meat or cutting forests for vegetable planting?
  • How can the Second-Hand culture help to decrease the level of environmental pollution?
  • Should we pay attention to the protection of rare species of poisonous snakes or spiders?


  • Shall religion become a school subject?
  • Do religious people have the right to ask for a break at work when they want to pray?
  • Which religion is the most oppressive to women?


  • How can implanting identity chips make life more comfortable?
  • What is the greatest difference between a human’s brain and computer systems?
  • How can genetically modified food save the world from famine?

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