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Privacy Policy

Privacy is one of our most important values. That's why we have developed principles to keep your data confidential. We are following them carefully and responsibly.

All requests regarding your personal data are made only when it is absolutely necessary. You will never receive more requests from us than is required to provide you with quality service. Having received information from customers, we don't store it on the website, if this is regulated by law. We carefully monitor that our customers have maximum control over the ability to store and delete personal information, share it, and index it in search engines. All methods of collecting, storing and sharing your data are completely transparent, and we still control this process.

We suggest you read our Privacy Policy, developed on the basis of these principles.

Who we are and why this policy is needed

This site was created to highlight the news and activities of a company called Pay4Writing. Our customers send us personal information, that is why it became necessary to draw up a Privacy Policy. We get this data when customers use the following resources:

  • Our website:;
  • Pay4writing mobile applications for different operating systems;
  • Various services are available on our website, including anti-plagiarism scanning service.

We respect your right to privacy and therefore strive to protect all the information you provide us with. It may consist of any information that directly or indirectly reveals your identity. And we commit ourselves to protect it. Below you can learn more about how we receive data, how we use and store it. And also how you can control this process. If you have any doubts and questions, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your privacy issues. 

How do we receive your personal data

You can send your personal information to us directly. Also, this can be done by our partners who have concluded with you different legal agreements, contracts necessary to fulfill any obligations. In any case, we always require permission and consent for the storage and use of your data. Without this, no further action is possible.

What data do we collect

As soon as a user visits our website, data start to exchange immediately. Thus, at your visit, we can find out:

  • your IP address (and, as a result, your location);
  • type of gadget that you use - smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc;
  • technical information;
  • information about your interaction with our website.

In our cookie policy, you can read more details. Read about how we process the data.

# Types of data Why do we need it, reasons
1 Your geographical location
  • To verify your identity;
  • To get rid of scammers, cases related to reselling accounts;
  • According to tax law.
2 Your email
  • For fast and constant communication with our users;
  • To provide you with relevant marketing information, advertising.
3 Your name and surname
  • To verify your identity;
  • According to tax law, for billing and invoicing;
  • To get rid of scammers, cases related to reselling accounts.
4 Your contact number
  • To verify your identity;
  • For fast and constant communication with our users;
  • To provide you with a top-notch customer support
5 Your geographical address
  • According to tax law, for billing and invoicing.

Why do we need your personal data

We actually collect and store personal data from our users and regular customers. There one or more reasons from the following list that are working for this case:

  • Delivery of products that you ordered in our company using the website;
  • A reminder of the products and services that aroused your interest in case you are already ordering from us;
  • Providing you with up-to-date information about purchases made, as well as goods and services that may interest you;
  • Fulfillment of the obligations specified in the Pay4Writing contract;
  • Due to legal reasons, based on the signed contract;
  • To inform customers about favorable offers, if you have given your consent to this.

Grounds for collecting your data

We can't collect data at any time absolutely from all users. To do this, we need two reasons to be realized: 1) We have received legal permission from you, provided for by the contract or legislation; 2) We have received your consent to provide certain services, newsletters, etc.

What legal grounds allow us to process your personal data?

Pay4writing will only process your information if one of the following cases is true:

  • We have signed an agreement with you as a client;
  • You have given us permission;
  • You have used our services, and we need the information to provide them;
  • You have expressed a desire to receive information from us;
  • This is required by law.

How do we get information from you

You can share your contact information and other personal data with us using one of several methods:

  • fill out the form on our website;
  • send an email to the site;
  • place an order for our products or services on the Pay4writing website;
  • leave feedback on the company website;
  • contact us using the official company contact number.

Thus, you can provide us with personal, financial, educational information, data that are directly related to your order.

What about information from other sources?

There are several options on how we receive your personal information from other sources. This may be a website that we also use, one of the branches of our network, our business partner, who has permission to share this information with us.

Various third parties may collect information from you according to law. This list includes business partners and subcontractors in such networks:

  • financial;
  • delivery;
  • technical;
  • advertising.

This list also includes institutions that verify data and other sources with appropriate rights.

Also, you should consider that we store files that you have downloaded or uploaded. If you do not have legal rights to use any file, do not transfer it to us. The same applies to files that contain personal data of third parties. In this case, we cannot guarantee their safety.

To whom we transfer your data

We can only transmit information received from you if we have legal grounds and permission from you. In this case, data transmission is allowed:

  • our marketers who will send you advertising information after registration;
  • to our legal partners and subcontractors, if your information is needed by agreement;
  • our subsidiaries;
  • to other third parties if you have given your consent to these actions.

What other reasons could there be for the transfer of your data to third parties?

If a third party buys the Pay4Writing and all its assets, the data of all our users will be transferred to it. But this is not the only possible reason. We can transfer your data:

  • according to legal obligations;
  • at the request of state authorities;
  • Based on the Terms of Use described in the Pay4writing website;
  • to protect the rights, property, security of the Pay4writing or users;
  • to prevent fraud or any other security risk.

Aggregated and Anonymous Information

We also receive anonymously and aggregated information from our users. We periodically provide it to third parties. It means that any personal and contact information is deleted, and all data is used solely for statistics. However, you may prohibit the sharing of such information.

Where we store and process your data

All your information is stored in the United States or the EU (“EEA”). If we can provide storage facilities in other states, and you consent to this, we will do so. We use the latest technology to encrypt data transmitted to us and protect your information from any unauthorized access.