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A research paper is a common writing assignment. This type of essay reflects your personal interpretation and ideas about a certain topic or a subject. While this essay type allows you to be creative and to express your own ideas and attitude towards the chosen theme, each of your statements should be proved with an official fact or other evidence.

Writing a great college research paper may be harder than it looks. Behind each beautifully-crafted work stands a great preparation and hours of research. While there are very different research paper topics that can be proposed for this type of essay, all research papers have some similar features: there’s a kind of your own scientifically-based investigation described in the text.

The difficulty of this work may vary due to the academic level of students: school children deal with easier topics, while college students have harder tasks that require proceeding lots of information. This type of essay is common for students of different specialties as it may cover lots of spheres of science and niches of our life.

Even if your essay topic sounds easy and familiar to you, make sure you have enough time to work on it. You have to browse through several books, articles, and internet sources to hunt interesting facts that may add value to your writing. Moreover, don’t forget to structure and format your text as these issues may influence your final mark greatly.

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Common Structure of College Research Papers

Structuring your text is a must if you want to make your research paper readable and easy-to-understand. The academic rules recommend using the common components for all college papers. Such order helps to express your ideas in the most logical way.

Develop your thesis for research paper

A thesis is the smallest part of your paper; however, it has a very powerful, informative message. In fact, a thesis is a reflection of the core issue of your work. Imagine that your thesis is a question that you shall answer in the other parts of your text.

The main function of this part of academic essays is attracting readers’ attention and introducing the topic to them. It’s better to count on an intriguing or very interesting thesis. A boring or a very formal one may scare your audience away.

It’s recommended to add some shocking statistics, rare facts, creative jokes, or trending questions to make your thesis more attractive.

Create a research paper outline

Writing an outline is quite a basic task, and many students don’t pay enough attention to it. However, this part of the work is more than important. An outline is a map and a base of your future essay. It helps you to structure your text parts in a great way, and it also helps your future readers to understand your message easier.

An outline is also a great tool if you are preparing to present your research paper in front of others. You can easily find the needed part of your essay and quickly understand where a certain statement is if it’s needed for a discussion.

Research paper introduction

It’s hard to impress those readers who know nothing about the subject you describe in your essay. That’s why an introduction part is so important. The function of this paper section is understandable from its name. You can use it to introduce your readers to some facts that help to realize the general issue better.

This section shall be laconic but informative. Write some facts about the topic. Try to prove to your readers that the chosen issue is important.

Research paper body

The body of a research paper is the most important, most valuable, and most informative part of an essay. Here, the results of your research should be expressed. This part is a platform that contains all information for solving the issue of your essay: sober facts, proves, statements, and your own ideas.

This part of the essay is the biggest one and is often separated into paragraphs and even subparagraphs. Such partition is necessary to make the text readable.

Research paper conclusion

After reading the body part, your readers may have a question: “Why have I just read this? How it can be applied to the subject?”. Here comes the conclusion to answer all those questions.

This part of your essay is a logical ending of the body part. Its task not only to summarize all the data written above (as many students think) but also to explain how the above-said information can be practically used and applied to solve the problem described in a thesis.

Cite credible sources right

No matter how independent your research is, you always use an information base created by other authors. It’s important to mention all used sources in your research paper. Experts recommend using more than 10 reliable sources to raise the informative value of your writing.

The way of writing every source depends on the academic format required in your school or college.

Review and revise your research papers

It’s necessary to make a revision and a detailed check of your research paper. Read your ready essay attentively several times. Pay attention to its structure, size of sentences, the general meaning of the text, possible misprints, and mistakes.

Even a minor mistake may influence your final mark. That’s why it’s very important to deal even with the smallest details.

5 Things to Avoid When Writing Your Research Paper

Writing a research paper is quite a common task. However, most inexperienced students often make the same mistakes. These mistakes are not only making the whole writing process slower and harder but also make a negative impact on the high quality of your essay.

  1. Starting to write before making a research

    Don’t take a pen before having a strong understanding of what to write about. Starting to write and making research simultaneously may appear like a good idea when you have little time to prepare your original papers. However, it’s a wrong approach.

    You never write an effective thesis, having little knowledge about the topic. If you decided to write when your research is still in process, prepare to re-write some big parts of your text after making discoveries about the subject.

  2. Working on the paper body more than on the thesis

    The body part is called the most important segment of the essay, and it’s true! However, it won’t work if you don’t pay enough attention to other parts.

    While the thesis is times smaller than the body part, it plays almost the same important role in making your essay valuable. Your research paper won’t attract enough attention without a proper thesis. Moreover, the incorrect thesis may lead to misinterpreting the result of the whole research.

  3. No connection between the thesis and the final summary

    Imagine that the thesis is the question, and the final conclusion is the solution to it. If you change one of these components, make you sure you make another one related to it.

    Your essay is a single structure that serves the same aim. If one of its parts is not connected to others, the whole text won’t sound understandable enough.

  4. Expressing your great ideas without proper informational support

    Science is a very special field that unites all scientists together. Making your own conclusions would not be possible without a proper informative base. Don’t forget to mention those sources of information that you base your own ideas and discoveries on.

    Support your ideas and statements with 2-3 facts, quotes of other authors or extracts from scientific articles. It can be a great idea to explain each statement with an illustrative and bright example.

  5. Incorrect citing of resources

    It’s important to remember that the way you cite the resources depends on the required academic style of your paper. Always check the requirements before passing your ready work to your teacher.

Topics for Your Research Paper

  • Art/Culture
    • Power of art: how a modern artist can influence the concept of ‘beauty’?
    • Should art therapy be a necessary recommendation for college students?
    • How modern art reflects social problems?
  • Education
    • Which changes are necessary for making today’s education system better?
    • Which subjects are not necessary anymore?
    • How can stress influence the academic results of younger pupils?
  • Health
    • What are the most common ways of spreading HIV?
    • Shall high-calories food be banned for selling in schools?
    • What are the main factors for longevity?
  • Ethics
    • Shall HIV status of married people stay confidential and unrevealed fact to their partners?
    • What are the possible ways to make the life of farm animals better?
    • How to make immigration policy more effective?
  • Politics
    • What is the best alternative to wars?
    • Is it necessary to make people more educated about the policy?
    • Which benefits can a country get helping other countries?
  • Economics
    • What are the possible reasons to refuse to pay taxes?
    • How can an ordinary person make the economy of a country better?
    • Is using alternative energy beneficial for a country’s economy?
  • History
    • Who is the most influential person in the history of the USA?
    • What could be done to finish the 2nd World War faster and with fewer people killed?
    • What are the common features of great leaders of the past?
  • Environment
    • What are the materials to replace plastic with?
    • How can we stop polluting land?
    • Which sphere of the industry is the most dangerous for the environment?
  • Religion
    • Shall students be allowed to cover their face if they do it due to their religious ideas?
    • What are the important rules to make people of different religions cooperate successfully?
    • How to protect the rights of religious minorities?
  • Technology
    • What is the most important gadget in modern society?
    • Shall educative apps be used to educate students?
    • Do shooters increase the level of aggression?

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