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Cookie Policy

Every website uses a set of technological innovations to collect and store data. We are no exception when it comes to the quality of our Services. Here you can find information about the technologies used and the ways of data collecting.

How It Works

The Cookie is a small file that the Website sends to your computer. In fact, there are two main kinds of cookie files. The first one is a session-based, which gets deleted immediately once the session is over. The second one is a persistent Cookie file that stays on your computer for a while until you delete it manually. The process of Cookie file deleting is pretty easy.

The Use of Cookies Files: Why Is It Important

These tiny files are important for proper statistics and future users experience improvements. In fact, cookies ease your life once allowing you avoiding the same actions over and over again, like constantly logging in to the same service. The main reason we use cookies is the desire to improve your user experience and make the service more secure and convenient for a user.

Cookies in Ads

Cookies are important when you deal with the advertising of any service or product. It helps to collect proper statistics and find out what your users prefer the most. We can track your preferences, build great statistics, and use these data to improve your experience with the Website.

Do Not Want to Use Cookies?

If you do not want to use cookies, you can limit the use of Cookies at every website you visit. Every website has individual Cookie Management Protocol. You can find them on every browser's main web page easily.

If you deal with a browser other than the popular Google, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Android Browser, Opera, Internet Explorer, please use their manuals.

You need to go to a chosen browser’s settings to restrict or delete Cookie files. You can manage your use of cookies in the Privacy section. You can also disable third-party cookies from Google Analytics if needed.

The Digital Advertising Alliance page settings will allow you not to see interest-based ads sent to your computer or device. The same you can do with ads sent to your iPad or iPhone.

At the same time, be aware that deleting and disabling of Cookies can badly influence your experience with definite websites and even block you from using certain website’s services or access them. You will be no longer listed as a registered user, thus you should log in every time all over again. The security will be also compromised.

Cookies We Use

Verification – we use these Cookies to allow you accessing the Website in a few clicks and avoid long logging in processes. You can ease your life with Cookies that assure you a fast accessing of the Website.

Security – these cookies serve for the protection of your personal data and your computer from harmful malware and illegal activities.

Preferences – the Cookies allow checking your preferences and customizing your experience. With the data collected, we will be aware of the preferred languages and some forms’ fulfillment without asking you to fill these forms again.

Advertising - these cookies allow advertising our services effectively and monitoring how the user navigates the website. We collect the info about your activity from our partners and affiliates. Be aware, these cookies remain subject to the mentioned partners and affiliates’ Policies.

Research and Analytics – these Cookies remain highly important for our website running and for services improvements. With Cookies, we can make the services more convenient for users. We improve the product we offer with effective Cookie files.

Any Questions?

In case you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us 24/7 at [email protected].