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Students are often assigned to write different essays, so the question ‘How can I write my college essay to get a good mark?’ is often important for many students. Essay writing is a very effective practice if you want to develop your critical thinking, practice your language, and writing skills. However, creating an essay is not an easy task. It requires tons of time and work.

There are many types of essays that differ by their size, aim, format, and functions. Some essays are written to share a case from your life, others - to analyze a scientific article or to prove a controversial idea.

At the same time, many students think that writing an essay is an outdated method of education. That’s why, if you are not planning to train your writing skills, you can get essays from professionals with sending a single ‘Write my college essay!’ message and use your time in a more effective way.

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Common Types of Essay

There’s a great diversity of essay types. Each type has unique characteristics and requirements. That’s why, it’s so important to understand, which type of essay you deal with.

Not all essay types are equally difficult to work with. However, there’s an equally comfortable solution for any essay type - professional assistance from our team! Below we describe some types of essays that we deal with regularly.


Students are often wrong, thinking that writing a descriptive essay is an easy type. The main aim of this essay type is not only to tell some general information about the topic but to create a clear image of it in a reader’s imagination. Writing a great descriptive essay, you shall combine bare facts, rare and interesting information, and some creativity.


A definition essay is quite similar to what a descriptive essay is. Your task is to give a clear usually a laconic interpretation of any concept. Sometimes, you are asked to define deep concepts like ‘freedom’ or ‘friendship’. However, often students are assigned to write about terms connected to the field of their future profession.

Compare & Contrast

What is the best way to speak about the unique features of an object? Perhaps, comparing it to similar things. Compare and contrast essay helps to notice the difference between two concepts or terms. However, it’s not enough to point the dissimilarities only. You shall also make a conclusion of how this information can be used and why it’s so important to see the difference.


It’s time to tell you some stories! Lots of students love writing a narrative essay. It allows to share some of your memories and to make creativity work ultimately. In fact, a narrative essay is telling a story, as your favorite authors do in their books. However, it’s also important to remember about formatting and an academic style required for your essay.


Working on an argumentative essay, you spend lots of time for investigation. This type of essay presents statements and conclusions based on official facts and approved data. While there’s no place for creativity, it’s a great chance to practice your critical thinking and to use the existing scientific articles for making new discoveries!


Have you heard about critics who visit places or watch movies to evaluate and later to express their opinion about that? Usually, they write interesting reviews that have much in common with a student’s critical essay. This type of academic writings makes you evaluate books, articles, movies, etc. You shall write about an object, describing its pluses and minuses. While your personal attitude can play a great role in the evaluation, try to be objective, supporting each ‘con’ or ‘pro’ with evidence.


This type of essay is written to reveal the concept of any term or phenomena. It may include some general data, analysis, and comparison. The best way to make your expository essay informative is including lots of illustrative examples and solid proofs for each statement of your essay.


This time, you are not only telling about the chosen topic but you are also trying to make your reader follow and accept your idea. Writing this type of essay, it’s helpful to imagine you are discussing the topic with a person who has an opinion that doesn’t coincide with yours. Try to predict all the controversial questions your imaginary competitor may ask and prepare a written answer to each of them. These answers will later form the body paragraph of your persuasive essay.

Cause and Effect

Working on this type of essay, you are explaining and describing the topic. However, this time, you speak not about its features and qualities but mostly about its functions and the effects it makes. Good cause and effects essay is a combination of fresh and creative approach and solid scientific background.


Process essay reminds an instruction of using or making something. These essays can also explain how different things are used or produced. There’s no need to speak much about the final product. Writing the essay, you describe the process not the result of it.

Short Guide for Writing Excellent Essays

Writing an original paper is a serious task that requires a special approach in each particular case. Often recommendations for writing an essay depend on the type of essay and requirement of a teacher. However, there are also some general tips that can be applied for any assignment of a high school level.

  1. Don’t work with topics that you don’t like even if they are popular!

    Working with a boring or unpleasant topic needs too much energy and motivation. You will probably feel bored or even sleepy reading articles you dislike or don’t understand.

    It’s always better to choose the most pleasant way! Speak about things you like. If you can’t choose or change a topic, try to connect it with the theme that reflects your interests. For example, if you write about an educative system but you are really interested in computer science, connect these two topics together.

  2. Don’t leave too little time for preparation

    We have no idea why so many students think that typing their essays is the hardest part of the work. In fact, writing the final text is nothing but the last stage of the preparation and, usually, the easiest and the shortest one.

    Typing the text may take a few hours only. However, the preparation itself can take from a couple of days up to a month or even more. Start your work from preparation and remember this part can take lots of your time.

  3. Don’t be afraid of controversial topics!

    Many students think that working with simple topics is easier. Others may think that the main idea expressed in their essay shall totally coincide with the teacher’s one to get a good mark. In fact, such an approach may only make your essay too basic and uninteresting to read.

    It’s normal to express your ideas, even if they are different from the common or popular ones.

  4. Don’t avoid learning some authors’ tricks!

    A good text is more than just a correctly written piece of information. If you don’t have any positive writing experience and don’t know anything about writing texts, counting on your inborn talent only is a huge mistake.

    Writing great texts is a skill that can be trained. Spend some time practicing and learning some basic tricks from professional essay writers. In the future, you may develop your skills, however, even if you write a paper for the first time, you can avoid lots of troubles learning from professionals.

  5. Don’t decline the help of professionals!

    Declining the help of professionals, you are losing a beautiful chance of getting an example of an excellent essay and an understanding of how to write it.

    Sometimes, fruitful cooperation with writing masters can bring you more benefits than years of study. If you are not just passing your task to someone else but also watch and control the process, you are getting a very useful experience. Lots of our clients were not only rescued from crossing the deadline or getting a low mark but also learned writing tricks and improved their writing skills.

Most Popular Essay Topic for 2019

Choosing a proper essay topic looks like a small part of the whole preparation process, however, it plays a great role in success! The great topic is the one that coincides with your personal likes and intrigues your readers.

Moreover, choosing a topic, don’t forget to pick up the one that is well-studied. Otherwise, it will be difficult to find reliable information resources.

  • Descriptive
    • Describe your routine day, mentioning details that can be changed to make your life healthier and fuller.
    • Speak about the book that influenced the system of your values most.
    • Describe your first day in primary school, explaining how a teacher could make it better.
  • Definition
    • Faith: what are the important features of a faithful person?
    • Professionalism: what are the key factors for becoming an outstanding professional?
    • Kindness: what are the special signs of kindness and how to recognize the true act of kindness?
  • Compare and Contrast
    • Asian cuisine vs American cuisine: where people eat healthier?
    • Psychology vs Psychiatry: what are the main differences between these disciplines?
    • Pollution vs Global Warming: which problem is more dangerous?
  • Narrative
    • If I could be an actor in Game of Thrones, which character would I be?
    • If I could get treatment for one of the world’s most dangerous diseases, which disease I would choose to cure?
    • The biggest fear of my life.
  • Argumentative
    • Going to colleges and universities shall be obligatory for everyone.
    • Which changes in immigration policy could improve the situation inside the country?
    • How social sites can increase the number of suicides among teenagers?
  • Critical
    • How fears of parents can lead to developing phobias in their kids?
    • Which factors can push a teenager to smoke?
    • Do dogs have inborn aggression towards cats?
  • Expository
    • Shall schools be designed in a special way?
    • If you could prevent one of the global catastrophes, which one would you choose?
    • Which nation is the best example of being eco-friendly?
  • Persuasive
    • Females and males can’t compete against each other in popular sports.
    • Popular songs shall not be shown on TV if their texts are inappropriate for children.
    • Hunting shall be forbidden by the law.
  • Cause and Effects
    • Lazy people are better protected from the risk of developing heart disease.
    • Using plastic things leads to polluting oceans.
    • Instagram bloggers make people feel losers when seeing a fake perfect life on Instagram accounts.
  • Process
    • How to protect your house from pests.
    • How the blood cells are produced.
    • How to educate blind children to read.

We hope that the tips we prepared for you will help you in writing your excellent essay. However, if you face any difficulties, no need to worry. ‘Write my essay for me!’ is an offer request we get from students globally and always cope with this task in the best way, producing A+ essays for more than 5 years!