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Hard Choice: Selecting A Good Topic For Cause/Effect Essay In 2019

Hard Choice: Selecting A Good Topic For Cause/Effect Essay In 2019

Each year or month is full of important events that can be and should be analyzed or discussed. Besides, there are topics that last for decades, or centuries. So it is up to you to decide whether you want to tackle some global problem or a current issue in your research.

While selecting a topic you are limited by the area of study and requirements of your prof. But even in such limited conditions you can opt for a topic that will interest you and thrill the class and the teacher. What’s more to desire?

Making a good topic choice is doing half of good writing

When selecting a topic, think first about what interests you. Then scan newspapers headlines, turn on the news. There is definitely something worth your attention. If nothing catches you, then look at the topic that you are currently studying. What aspect appeals to you? Take it and do the research. If you can find enough material to write about it – congrats! You have found your perfect topic.

Cause and effect essays are great in that they help you establish connection between things, processes and events and see deeper into the nature of our life. But to write this kind of paper, the topic should highlight or suggest this kind of connections. You cannot simply say that avocados are good, for example. You need to say that eating avocados makes people healthier and happier. This is a cause – eating avocados, and effect – health and mood impact. This example is primitive and well-worn, but it is good in that it points you in the right direction.

Below there are some great topics to write on in 2019. Pick one and create a good paper worth the highest praise! Or else, entrust our professional team with this daunting writing task.

Useful topics for cause and effect essay

  1. Doing crafts induces happiness in people.
  2. Staying hydrated is beneficial for human heart and brain.
  3. Good communication skills of a teacher make students more academically successful.
  4. Paying high price for upscale clothing does not bring additional satisfaction.
  5. Warm milk as a natural sedative good for sleep.
  6. Climate change and extinction of insects: causative connections.
  7. Is alcohol really good for health?
  8. Travel and its connection to rates of life satisfaction.
  9. Why do adults who play with kids’ toys are happier than kids?
  10. Results of IQ tests as causes of academic success or failure of students.
  11. Putting your plans to paper can actually make them work.
  12. Learning a second language makes you a smarter person by stimulating your brain.
  13. Cartoons can make you an optimist (but not every cartoon).
  14. Is physical appearance predictor of character traits?
  15. Dog owners are more organized people with better time management skills.

Interesting topics for cause and effect essay

  1. How change of country of residence can affect your resistance to diseases.
  2. 60% animals extinction report: causes and consequences.
  3.  Intensive exercise in the evening can cause insomnia.
  4. Pets reduce level of stress in owners.
  5. Poverty as a main cause of students’ academic failure.
  6. Are there specific causes of creativity and can they be replicated artificially?
  7. Modern strategy video games can actually make you smarter and creative.
  8. Social networks as cause of both increase and reduction in level of reported loneliness in people.
  9. Climate change worsens: causes and consequences.
  10. Good social skills and networking will land you in a good job faster.
  11. Being altruistic impacts your overall mode of thinking.
  12. Optimism and better health: underlying connections.
  13. Good laugh is also a key to life success.
  14. Sun: cause of health trouble or a great doctor?
  15. Midlife crisis and its roots.

Challenging topics for cause and effect essay

  1. Causes and consequences of drastic income inequality.
  2. More women in politics mean better politics and better world.
  3. Skills of lifelong learning help you in many other aspects of life.
  4. Clothes recycling movement as effect of over consumption and landfills overflowing with unwanted clothing.
  5. One kilo of waste recycled per week keeps the planet clean and sleek.
  6. Proper nutrition can positively impact students’ academic outcomes.
  7. Did Internet and smartphones reduce distance to nothing?
  8. Can we use smartphones smarter and more reasonably?
  9. Teens of today are overloaded and stressed more than they used to be 20 years ago.
  10. Is it necessary to hit major life goals like career and marriage before reaching 30?
  11. Democracy at risk: why it fails today and how it can be saved (prompt: education). 
  12. Can robots make people feel less lonely?
  13. Deadly famines in the 21st century: causes and consequences.
  14. Military operations abroad as causes of domestic unrest and troubles.
  15. ‘Yellow vest’ movement: deep causes and potential consequences.

Instead of Afterword

We know how hard it can be just to get stuck without knowing what to write about while the time runs away. If you feel that inspiration left you alone just reach out to us immediately, and we will come up with a good topic and a paper on that topic that meets all criteria. While our team works, you can relax and think about the topics for other assignments or just relax. We will not let you down on this. You get your good grade anyway.