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Case study analysis: writing guide

Case study analysis: writing guide

When you are at school you will definitely, at least once, need to write a case study analysis. This type of written assignment demands good analytical skills from a student because they need to find a solution to a problem that is often rather difficult.

You if you have a plan of action the writing process will be smooth. In this article you will find tips on writing a good case study analysis that really work.

Starting your case study analysis

Essential preparation for writing is the key to success. The first thing you need to do before the writing process is reading the case study. Do not ignore this step like many students do. This is needed because in most cases the description of the problem contains the solutions of this problem. Read the case study several time, thus you will be able to understand the task better and find the solution faster. While reading make notes or underline important parts. Then proceed to analysis itself:

Identification of the problem. For examples, aspects that make Zara stand out in the market.

Identify the source reasons of the problem. The reasons can be numerous and sometimes completely unexpected.

Draw an outline. With its help you will be able to structure your essay in logical way and define the key aspects.

Define the cause and effect links. You should explain what caused the problems and what the outcomes are.

Provide solutions. You should identify the ways to improve the situation and try to avoid or eliminate its negatives outcomes.

Of course, you may look for answers to your questions about your case study online. It is likely that your solutions will be different from other examples found in the internet. It does not mean your essay is bad. Opinions different.

Algorithm for your case study analysis

After your carry out the analyses, form your ideas, you proceed to writing your essay. Your essay should have the following structure:

  • Introductory part in which you present the key problem of your case study and introduce your statement. The statement is usually no longer than 2 sentences.
  • Background information, e.g. current information, facts about the problem you are working on.
  • Alternative actions. This is to describe several alternative actions that could be taken and reasons for their rejection.
  • Problem solution. Present one or several problem solutions that can be applied n practice. Give supportive reasons for your solutions and the results of the conducted research.
  • Recommendations should include advice on how to perform your solutions, approximate plan for implementation.

These are the standard steps you do when you carry out your case study analysis. This can be changed and adapted to your specific case.

Case study format

Correct formatting of the case study analysis should not be neglected. Teachers not only pay attention to the content of your work, but also to its arrangement.

Most common are MLA sand APA formats. However, you should check with your teacher for the requirements because each school would have its requirements to format the case study.

Finishing your case study

Before you handle your project to the teacher, make sure you do the following:

  • Read it again after some time
  • Re-read it several times to make sure you did not miss anything
  • Proofread your case study
  • Do the editing if needed
  • Check if the structure, content and format meets the requirements
  • See if your statement is clear and understandable
  • See if you did not miss any important element of your study.

Make sure you have written the abstract – a short description of your task. It should be submitted with the project. Some teachers would read only the abstract so put efforts to make it look good.

The most important is to take your time for writing the case study so you have enough time for everything. However, there are cases when students are short of time or simply at lost what to do with this assignment. In this case the best option is to use online writing service. Expert writers will conduct case study analysis in any discipline and prepare the project that will be evaluated with a high grade.