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How much time you need: dissertation writing

How much time you need: dissertation writing

Dissertation is not an easy job to do, because it should contain a new idea, a look at the scientific problems already raised by somebody else. It should not be plagiarism free, it must be an independent scientific work that has a scientific novelty and contributes to the area of ​​knowledge under study. It’s not easy to generate new ideas and set new tasks for what has been said before you.

Nobody can say for sure how much time you will need to write a good dissertation. It depends on many factors:

  • Availability of preliminary materials, that is, whether the student is starting writing from scratch or has previously studied it, wrote other works on the same topic;
  • availability of time, because someone has the opportunity to work on dissertation for days. And someone is able to devote it only several hours a week;
  • presence of an intelligent supervisor who will direct you, tell you in which direction to move;
  • living conditions of the student, because if there is an opportunity to stay alone and work quietly, the result will be different from when the house is full of family member, friends or annoying neighbors.

Many who have already completed writing and defending their dissertations name the terms from 2 to 4 years from the day you begin designing you project to the moment of its successful defense. Two years is a period sufficient for doing a good job, if you have enough time and the ability to keep yourself interested.

Obviously, this is a difficult and painstaking work. But if there is no possibility to write a work independently, it is worth contacting a specialist who writes dissertations on to order.

Dissertation writing services usually have professionals who produce high quality unique dissertations. If you decide to use this option you need to have a clear idea how much time it will take the writer to produce a cool dissertation.

So… how long

The entire process of writing a dissertation will be divided into several stages. This approach allows defining the procedure and objectives, and thus will let identifying the approximate time need for writing. There will be three stages:

Stage 1 where you select the topic of the project.

Stage 2 where you study the material, carry out research and describe its results.

Stage 3 where you explain the method of carrying out the research.

If you want to complete your dissertation for 24 months or even less, you need to follow these three steps and other guidelines we provide. It will all depend on the speed of your work.

Selection of topic

The first thing you will need to do is, of course, select the topic that will be interesting for you to work on. However, you should also take into consideration whether the topic you choose is important to develop and what the possible results will be.

When you have finished with the topic, you need to proceed to dissertation proposal. In this document you provide your arguments for choosing the topic, its relevance and importance.

If you treat this serious, you will be able to finish it for 1 month.

If you don’t have time for that or feel difficulty to start, you can always turn to dissertation writing service for help.

Research and discussion of aspects

Your next step will be working with the material on your topic. Try to find all the material have been written on your issue and make sure you use only reliable sources. It is better to use most relevant sources thus you will be able to describe recent findings. Once you have all the sources collected, you will begin reading it.

Learning all the material, reading it, making notes, writing down important parts – all this will take you about 3 months.

After that you will proceed to writing the first draft. It should be as long as 30-40 pages of unique text. In this draft you will describe the materials you have worked on and present your findings. You also give ideas of other authors on this issue, define where you agree with them and where not. This kind of activity will take you about 2-3 months.

And still, if you need help with this stage you can always get professional help.

Explanation of method to conduct the research

This stage will take you about 1 year to complete.

You start with explaining the methods you plan to apply to conduct your research and justify why these methods were chosen.  You will be able to do it approximately for 1 month. After this the work just begins.

At this stage you handle your drafts to the committee for consideration. The committee will study your drat, give comments and advice on its improvement. Such revision will take 2-3 month since the members of the committee do not want to rush and study everything carefully. This is a very important step if you do not insert corrections in your dissertation in the beginning it may lead to disaster afterwards.

When the committee approves your drafts, they will grant you permission to work on it. You will need to wait for it for about 3 weeks.

Your next step will depend on the methods you chose to conduct your research. Let’s say you want to carry out an online survey – this will not take long, about one month. If you plan to question people personally – this will take longer, maybe up to 3 months because you will need to fill questionnaires, analyze them, etc.

Once this is done, you begin checking your project for compliance with the committee’s requirements. You also check and correct possible mistakes. This activity will take you about 2 months.

Do not wait – begin writing today

You should remember one thing – being stressed and worried about writing your PhD’s or Master’s dissertation is normal! However, often these feelings deprive students of power and inspiration to write anything. If this is your case – there is an option! You can ask professional writer to write your dissertation.

No matter which option you choose, to write it yourself or have somebody do it for you, do not waste time and start doing it now!