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Why Do You Need a PhD Thesis Introduction

Why Do You Need a PhD Thesis Introduction

To be able to write the most important section of your PhD thesis correctly you should understand the purpose of writing this section. The purpose of the introduction gives the reader a basic characteristic about the work. It reflects the whole essence of the research, its goal, the methods applied for achieving this goal and the obtained results.

A well-composed introduction can create a positive impression of your thesis and hide its weak point, if any. Often there is a situation – a student carried out an in-depth study, wrote a good thesis, but unable to reflect the results in the introduction properly.

The introduction to PhD project is written first and edited last. This is due to the stages of writing the text of the scientific work: most of the elements of the introduction are formulated at the stage of preparing the research plan. The introduction is finalized when the entire project is written due to improvements: a student refines the hypothesis during the study, formulates statements.

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If you prefer writing the introductory part to your PhD thesis, you need to take into consideration several important aspects.

Role of introduction

Introduction is the most important mandatory element of the thesis, its claim to fame. The introductory part explains the choice of the thesis topic, the relevance of a scientific problem, examines the degree of its elaboration in the literature.

Despite all this, it does not mean you should not play a lot of attention to the body of your thesis. All the parts of your project should be written properly, meet the requirements of your school. And the intro will be a cherry on the top of the cake.

Structure of PhD thesis introduction

As it was mentioned above, the introduction to the thesis is written after the completion of the main part. After reading the intro, the reader should understand what the research has brought to the science. Introduction must be carefully polished to a perfect condition.

Not all students know what to write in the introduction. Below you will find the standard structure of the introduction.

Relevance of the research topic

The introduction of the thesis begins with a justification of the relevance of the problem under study. The choice of the topic should be justified by the need in solving a specific issue and introducing new scientific knowledge into practice. Student should prove that no such studies have been conducted before, present the facts justifying the importance of solving the problem now.

One approach to writing relevance is the path from the general to the particular. First, a brief description of the industry as a whole is given, the key problem points are indicated in it, and the most important problem is identified.

Available information on the problem

You should describe the availability of information on the research topic through a brief review of the literature. Student should present the reader a list of works, which reflect the contribution of scientists to the topic under study and which served as the basis for the study. Incomplete disclosure of the topic would be the logical conclusion of the critical analysis of these sources. This will show the ability of the student to work with special literature, analyze it, evaluate, and highlight key aspects.

Purpose and objectives of the study

The expected final result is the purpose of the study. The purpose should be formulated concisely and clearly.

To achieve the purpose, the student should solve problems. The content of the thesis is determined on the basis of the research objectives. Student has to formulate clear objectives.  

Object and subject of study

The object of research and its subject are interconnected. An object is a process that initiated a problem that needs to be resolved. The subject is the local side that has the focus of the study.  The subject is closely related or even coincides with the topic of the thesis.

Methods of the study

List of methods of scientific knowledge used during the study is an integral element of the introduction. The use of any methods in the thesis should be justified.


The hypothesis is the main scientific idea of ​​the thesis, the assumption. It I sup to the student whether to put it into the intro part or not. The thesis hypothesis is a way to achieve the main goal. Making a scientific hypothesis, the student determines the directions for the actions.

Scientific novelty of the research

Scientific novelty confirms the uniqueness of the conducted research. This may be a new technique, invented by the student or modified in accordance with the purpose of the thesis, a new concept, a new experiment, etc.

Results of research

The result obtained by the student during the research should have a scientific novelty.

Practical significance of the results

In this section, one has to explain how the obtained results can be applied in practice. Practical application of the results is confirmed by their inclusion in various programs and development forecasts, regulatory documents, methodologies, educational and methodical literature.

Tips for an ace thesis introduction

You should do your best to polish your thesis intro to be perfect. Sticking to the structure is good, but there are several other things to make your introductory part excellent:

  • Let the first sentence be intriguing to interest your reader and make them keep reading.
  • Begin the writing process with drafting an outline. It will help you be more organized.
  • Find out the things people don’t know about your topic and point them out. Do not forget to explain why your reader should know this.
  • Once the text is done, conduct the proofreading.