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Informative Essay: What Is It

Informative Essay: What Is It

A student may be a little puzzled when given the task to write an informative essay at school for the first time. And, the first thing they should do is understand what exactly it is.

An informative essay, or else called expository, aims at teaching the reader about specific theme covered therein. This is achieved by providing explanation of the subject, analysis of available data, comparison of different points of view of other authors who write about it.

Below you will find useful tips on writing a splendid informative essay and saving your time.

Selection of topic

One of the key aspects of successful essay is a catching topic. Of course, you should be interested in it too and know at least something about it. When you choose your topic, you should be able to define and explain something new about the subject, innovative ways of its usage in different spheres of life.

Of course, nowadays, when it seems there is very little left undiscovered, it might be difficult to find a cool topic. See some excellent examples of topics below that can inspire you to develop something of your own:

  • Are there any products besides caffeine that can help you increase the level of your energy;
  • Positive aspects of plastic surgery in cases when it is really needed;
  • How to understand that the person uses drugs;
  • Will banning fast food industry help decrease obesity level;
  • How to reduce the level of domestic violence?

Once you have chosen the topic you should agree it with your teacher. Find out the requirements to this type of essay, and ask any questions you may have before you begin writing.

Conduct the research

To conduct the research, you need to gather sufficient amount of information. You are allowed to use any sources you can find but be sure they are all reliable and information is fresh. Be especially careful with online sources. Many of website contains false or old data that may spoil you entre work.

When you study the material, take a piece of paper and write down all the key phrases, citations, ideas you come across, as well as your own thoughts.

Writing a splendid informative essay

Once your work with the materials is finished, you need to make an outline for your future essay. This stage is very important because it will help you structure your essay, make it logical and not leave anything out. Besides, when you have a plan you will feel more confident and the process will go much better.

Your informative essay structure shall include: the introductory part, the body part, and the conclusive part.

In the intro part you should introduce your statement and give a rough idea of how you are going to prove your hypothesis. This is the part where you should do your best to catch your audience’s attention and give reasons to keep reading.

In the body part, the largest part of your essay, you should answer the questions who/what – where and how. In other words, you present evidence and give explanation there too.

The conclusive part gives a short summary of what was said in the main part of your essay. This section should also be interesting for the reader since it will leave the final impression of your project. Good idea is including a call for action therein.

What you need to do once the essay is done:

  • Do the proofreading and editing
  • Check if it complied with the requirements given by your teacher
  • Ask a family member or a friend to read your essay and give their opinion.