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Choosing Topic for a Capstone Project: Recommendations and Ideas

Choosing Topic for a Capstone Project: Recommendations and Ideas

Students are assigned a capstone project in order to let them show what they have learned during the educational term. The formatting, requirements, and purposes of such project vary depending on the subject and your academic level. But in any case, writing this project requires student’s ability to think critically, accumulate and analyze the educational material, work in a team and develop good social skills. Also, it may require other skills and knowledge you can acquire during studying.

Any writing task, including capstone project creation, starts with selecting the topic. It should be interesting to you, as you are about to work on it for several weeks. With the topic that is engaging to you, you have more chances to create an interesting project as well. Also, the chosen topic should be relevant to the subject in order to showcase your knowledge of it.

Wonder where you can find the proper ideas? In fact, many students face challenges on this stage. They do not know how to combine their interests with the material they have learned. But you can discover great examples of such projects that can be interesting and relevant to you as well. Also, you can find numerous lists of topic ideas online. Usually, they are offered by the essay writing services. Below we have prepared our own lists for college and school projects divided according to the field of study.

College or University Ideas for a Capstone Project Topic

As we already mentioned, the topic should be relevant to the subject as you should perform how well you get the material during the year. So, if your major is marketing, you might perform a project about some marketing strategies and business approaches. For engineers, the topic can be connected with software or projecting mechanisms, etc. Find the required field of study to discover great capstone project ideas.


1.         Accounting ethics: how to set your thinking right.

2.         Basic aspects and fundamental theories of accounting.

3.         Theories in accounting: what changes they have faced?

4.         Sale accounting and income managing.

5.         New theories in accounting: how they appear?

6.         Leases theories: accounting specifications.

7.         How accounting influences on the income taxing?

8.         Applied management: what accounting theories can be used here?

9.         The connection between accounting and proprietorship.

10.       How accounting can be applied to fixed assets and equipment?

Computer Science

1.         How to recover the important financial info: fast methods.

2.         Creation of the software for the automatized registration and insuring.

3.         How to record and analyze the info from your clients?

4.         Software for testing students.

5.         Convex zipper folding creation.

6.         Systems and approaches that can make it possible to receive valid certificates after online education.

7.         Stock predicting: ways to use it.

8.         WorldNet sources for data visualization.

9.         System for collecting survey data online.

10.       How to analyze various algorithms using the statements of the game theory?

11.       Automatic creation of the report aid.

12.       Verification system for banking: how to create it?

13.       How the features of the smartphone interface can influence the management and e-medical systems?


1.         Communication issues students from different social groups may face.

2.         What outdated approaches in education should be terminated?

3.         How to make original plagiarism-free college papers?

4.         How to encourage and motivate students?

5.         Pros and cons of traditional and distant education?

6.         Why it is important to adjust the testing approaches to the students’ specifications?

7.         How to deal with stress: tips for students.

8.         What does brain-based education mean?

9.         How to conduct lessons using virtual classrooms.

10.       How to improve the behavior of the students applying the proper classroom management approach?

11.       What issues may appear in bilingual education?

12.       Main principles of the education theory presented by Albert Bandura.

13.       What are the basic principles of distant education?


1.         How to control the solar panel work?

2.         Construction schedule management: main aspects to remember.

3.         The meaning of the car detectors for a traffic light.

4.         How you can estimate and improve the project applying computer interactive model?

5.         How to develop the heating system that will adjust to the temperature of the environment?

6.         How to manage the on-site construction in the most effective way?

7.         Guide for cost evaluation: how to compose it to use in the building industry?

8.         The significance of contracts for construction projects.

9.         How to conduct quality control by applying systems of engineering management.

10.       Excavation and irrigation equipment: how it can be improved with integrating a management system.

11.       Time management and fighting delays by implementing of CPM.

12.       How to control construction cost by using interactive systems?


1.         How important the processes of smart object recognition for developing of the wireless technologies?

2.         The most suitable economic models for informational system fields.

3.         The basic info about data logistics, data storing and mining?

4.         Basic information about the processes of voice and text recognition.

5.         CMSs: examples of their application in e-commerce.

6.         Why it is important to test the software before its launching?

7.         Security of the data, computer, and network: main aspect to remember.

8.         Perks of using systems for car transportation.

9.         Challenges in managing networks on the governmental level.

10.       What does mining mean and how to do it?

11.       How the IT field can get benefits from the online-based education systems?

12.       Maximizing the internet security of the users: recommendations and tips.


1.         Public relation best examples: what can we learn and why?

2.         The events that have influenced media relations.

3.         Cultural specifications in management: what we should take into account?

4.         How developing countries can improve their strategies in management?

5.         What issues in managing multinational personnel you may face and how to cope with them?

6.         How management should adjust to the cultural specifications?

7.         What basic aspect we should understand about managing the environmental supply chain.

8.         The influence of the globalization on the speed of e-business integration.

9.         Outsourcing: what management challenges business may face?

10.       Main rules for HR today.

11.       How to deal with conflicts in work teams?

12.       Different management approaches in the century of globalization.


1.         How to spot gaps in quality of proving online services?

2.         How to define the buyer’s habitual behavior?

3.         The importance of gender for defining buying trends?

4.         Geolocation: why is it important for defining the buyer’s preferences?

5.         Marketing approaches and strategies that can be offensive to some groups of people.

6.         What strategies can be effective for online marketing?

7.         How to maintain a balance between the internet and live shopping?

8.         How visual constituency can influence product perception and website reputation?

9.         The basic principles that can be found in any international marketing campaign.

10.       Ways to adjust your brand to the reality of mobile marketing.


1.         The influence of popular brands on consumer behavior.

2.         How to manage the crisis and keep the business running?

3.         How interest rates data helps in defining the share price?

4.         Changes in marketing strategies to assure they no not offend or harm anybody.

5.         Creating franchising: what you should know about it?

6.         Paying preferences: in what situations buyers will likely use credit card?

7.         How to manage the relationships with suppliers and why is it important for business?

8.         How to establish and maintain a business in different areas taking into account local specifications.

9.         The significance of being in good relationships with suppliers for your production.

10.       Various business strategies: an analysis based on industry specifications.


1.         Practice-based on evidence.

2.         Instructions and educational programs that will help to raise the quality of the healthcare services.

3.         The lack of good nurses.

4.         New approaches in tests and confirming the diagnosis.

5.         How people estimate the significance of nursing for society.

6.         Examples of dealing with acute and critical conditions.

7.         Issues you may face when working with ADHD patients.

8.         Best ways to minimize cases of ADHD among children.

9.         Estimating the quality of service in various points-of-care.

10.       The correlation between nurses’ service quality and the duration of their shifts.

High School Ideas for a Capstone Project Topic

We also collected a list of ideas for topics that will be suitable for a high school capstone project. You will find a short explanation on how to disclose it as well.

1.         Small business (develop a plan that you would use for establishing your own brand).

2.         School Administrating issues (ask representatives of administration in school about the most frequent problems they face).

3.         AIDS/HIV danger (make an informative presentation for your classmates).

4.         Journalism (present the sample of your own newspaper).

5.         Nursing (use the opportunity to volunteer at the hospital).

6.         Theater (interview the local actor or actress).

7.         The problem of terrorism (present the case when police and FBI have prevented the terroristic act).

8.         Space exploring (create a plan for the first space calorizators).

9.         Poverty issues (develop a plan for creating a shelter for homeless people).

10.       Martin Scorsese (point out the remarkable features of his directing approach).

Do not limit yourself with our lists. Keep searching for your inspiration. Remember that it will be your companion for several weeks so choose it wisely.