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Persuasive Speech Project: Top 60 Topic Ideas

Persuasive Speech Project: Top 60 Topic Ideas

Preparing for a persuasive speech presentation is always a challenge for students. They often face difficulties since the first stage of the working process when they cannot find the proper topic to make a great speech. It is understandable as the persuasive speech should be not only interesting to the audience, but also a bit controversial in order for you to use your persuasive skills. You can come up with your own ideas, ask your mates or teachers to help with topic defining. But the quickest option will be to address your request to the services that provide writing help as they have a professional look at this situation and their experience allows to pick the right idea.

We have collected some of the ideas that can be handy for you right now. We even have divided them into categories according to the field of study. We hope this list will become a source of inspiration for you.

Before jumping to the list of ideas, we want to highlight some important points. You should understand what makes a great topic and how to spot the one that will suit your task perfectly. Here’re three main factors that can have an impact on the quality of the topic performance:

1. Significance. If the topic is important for you and your audience, you will be able to perform with the right emotions and maintain the interest of your audience.

2. Knowing the subject. This is the only guarantee you will be able to conduct deep research and provide relevant arguments. Take your time and investigate the available material to be well-prepared.

3. Balance. Do not run to extremes in your presentation. You might want to choose to the complicated and too controversial subject that will recall the huge resonance among your audience. But your task is to persuade but not to irritate or get somebody angry. The same is with the simple topics: do not bore your listeners.

These three rules will help you to perform your task in the proper way.

60+ Ideas for Persuasive Speech Topics

If you want and have time to work on your speech on your own, you can start this with choosing the topic. Below you will find 60+ ideas for most common academic fields of science.

Arts and Culture

1.         Graffiti: is it art or vandalism?

2.         Offensive or inappropriate language: should we alter classic literature to remove it from there?

3.         E-books: pros and cons in comparison with paper books.

4.         Why music and art therapy should be added to the standard health insurance covering list.

5.         Is art and music therapy effective or not?

6.         Young generation and the lack of cultural education.

7.         Why we should encourage the student to take part in cultural events?

8.         Why national museums should be free for local citizens?

9.         Reasons we should work on improving the cultural level of our nation.

10.       Music education: should it be obligatory in schools?


1.         Paid internship: why this is the right approach?

2.         What actions can harm the US economy drastically?

3.         Additional taxes for imported products: why is it right?

4.         Tips in restaurants and cafes: why it should be obligatory for visitors?

5.         Why it is crucial to raise the minimum wage for federal employees?

6.         Why any public transport should be obligatory for aged people?

7.         Trade conflict: what consequences it may bring?

8.         Why we should maintain the local manufacturers buying their products?

9.         Sales on Black Friday: pros and cons.

10.       Why employers should encourage their workers to use ecological means of transport?


1.         Why bullies should be expulsed?

2.         Pros and cons of obligatory volunteering among school students.

3.         Why mandatory uniforms at educational institutions will not be accepted in our culture?

4.         Gym class grades: why they should not be taken into consideration during the GPAs results?

5.         Forbidding phones at schools: is it the right approach?

6.         How to deal with bullying?

7.         Why separate sex schools and classrooms can be a good idea?

8.         Foreign language classes: why they should be obligatory in the USA?

9.         Rewarding teachers for great test results of their students.

10.       How to motivate students to study harder?

Science and Environment

1.         Why we should stop using non-reusable plastic bags?

2.         Pluto: is it a planet or not?

3.         Obligatory recycling program: what benefits would it bring?

4.         Space program funded by the government: yes or no?

5.         Ocean pollution: the biggest environmental disasters.

6.         Should we spend time and money resources on discovering outer space?

7.         Clean environment: what we should do for it every day?

8.         Donating your body for science: why this is the right move?

9.         Conserved oil: what benefits it may have?

10.       Banning palm oil: why?


1.         Correlation between technological development and laziness among children.

2.         Why progress makes us less creative?

3.         Printed or electronic photos: pros and cons.

4.         Regular backing up: why is it important?

5.         Libraries or search engines: what is more effective?

6.         Is it our future in danger due to technological progress?

7.         Online frauds: why we should be aware of them?

8.         The role of phones in modern communication.

9.         Should musicians allow distributing their music online for free?

10.       Why we should be thankful for the progress in technology?


1.         The importance of niche marketing: true?

2.         The advertising standards: are they high enough?

3.         Meat: is it ethical or wrong?

4.         Fur: why wearing it should be a crime?

5.         The role of fairy tales and stories on young minds.

6.         Domestic abuse: how to fight with it?

7.         Student loans: why there should be an opportunity to get it forgiven?

8.         Modern banking: what aspects require drastic changing and improving?

9.         Shelter for homeless people: should the government care about it?

10.       Free condoms distribution in schools: pros and cons.

There are high chances you will still have difficulties while working on your persuasive speech. You are still learning how to perform right and you can deal with mistakes. Even with the great selection of topics you can reach a dead end in your research. This can happen to anyone and during any academic task completing. Have a back-up plan! Keep in mind a good service where you can find quick and quality writing assistance from the professionals in college and university projects. This approach can noticeably raise your chances for success.