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Expository Essay

The expository essay can be easy for students with great experience in writing academic papers and such type of task in particular. All you need is to grab all your skills and prepare a paper according to all requirements. If you know nothing about this type of academic task, then do not plan writing before getting enough useful information.

That’s why your experience with such a paper will start with the reading detailed description of its aims and particularities. So the following article will be very useful for students. Here is a spoiler: be ready to spend a lot of time on hitting books. But let’s start with the beginning.

The Definition and Important Features of Expository Essay

An expository essay has got its name from the world ‘expose’ and literally means it. As a result, your task is to clarify and explain the topic for readers. Usually, such papers are made to describe a situation or explain how something works.

You definitely face with the best and simplest example of the expository essay every day. Just imagine that you are keen on bicycles and your friend knows nothing about this topic. He asks you to explain the main things in short words. So you start describing him the principles of riding and the construction of bicycles using relevant vocabulary your friend understands.

That’s why they aim of an expository essay is to explain a thing in simple words. It is an academic task and uses a formal style of writing. But even in such conditions, the author is responsible to make information easy-to-understand for the target audience and share clear analysis.

So, in the beginning, the topic must be clear for a writer. If you don’t understand the situation or process you cannot explain its particularities to other people. For this reason, experts in writing recommend students to pick up those topics they feel confident and have great knowledge. If you are allowed to choose the topic on your own, then pick up something familiar.

In case you have to prepare an expository essay about something you are not good at, then start with the subject investigation. Note, that such a job will take more time than writing about familiar topics. As a result, most authors prepare to work with a topic created by the professor.

How to Use Expository Essay Examples

During preparing expository essay pay attention to the relevant samples. You can use such examples as your golden standards and write a text compared to templates. Such an approach in essay making is not perfect, but it’s better than nothing.

If the author has no experience in an expository essay, he needs to recompense own lack of skills with samples. Many newbies in writing prefer using expository essay examples to improve own experience in academic writing. The only rule is to find high-quality papers that are relevant to your topic and task assignment.

You can find a top-rated expository essay for different topics on the Web. Pay attention to its quality and trust only reliable sources. It would be huge trouble to consider one paper to be a golden standard while it has a lot of mistakes inside.

Topics for Expository Essay

You can choose any title, and it would be your topic for the essay. The particularity of this task is a hard process of writing, but an easy way to pick up the topic. Just choose the theme which describes something. Also, try to avoid general topics. They are not bad, but boring. Your target audience will get useful information in any case, but readers would be happy to have fun with reading.

Here is the list of 20 good topics for an expository essay:

1. How to ride a car

2. What is the best way to learn a foreign language

3. How to memorize information before an exam

4. What is a healthy lifestyle and how to lead it

5. The reasons for bullying among teenagers

6. How do computer works

7. The benefits of an education at home

8. What is sophistical philosophy

9. Why people often divorce during the first year of marriage

10. How to decrease the bad influence of social media on kids

11. Efficient tips on how to become a leader

12. How art can change your life

13. What is an artificial intelligence

14. How to make a cake

15. What are the main elements of a successful essay

16. How to prepare a dissertation

17. The reasons to use a bicycle instead of a car

18. How to learn to swim

19. The key elements of a happy life

20. How to clean an apartment in 1 hour

This list of topics will be useful for college students. You can pick one title and prepare an intersecting paper. Or keep going with brainstorming and prepare own unique topics.

The Outline for Expository Essay

In any case, you need to organize your job. This is the only way you can be sure of the quality of your expository essay. Yes, sometimes students create slam-bang – and it’s done! But only a miracle can make such a text good. In most cases, it likely will get a passing grade. If you require a high mark, then put all your efforts. So it’s better to follow the step-by-step guide and prepare a good expository essay. Be sure, that such an approach will be more beneficial for you. It allows saving time on useless actions and prepares a really good paper.

To make a successful essay starts with the plan preparation. Don’t write your first draft without the general imagination of the paper. So the best option is to prepare the outline with the main elements you are going to expose in your essay.

The general structure of the expository essay is traditional. Your text must consist of a catchy introduction, informative body not less than 4-5 sections, and a summary. But there are several particularities of expository essay outline you need to keep. So use the following recommendations to prepare your paper accordingly to all task requirements.

The introduction for expository essay

The introduction is an opening part of your essay. If it doesn’t seem exciting for your target audience, then you have trouble. Making a bad introduction creates a bad reputation for its author because you have no chance to make the first impression twice. If you prepare a paper for readers they may not continue reading. In case you make it for your professor, he will definitely finish reading, but likely give you a low mark.

To make your introduction exciting you should provide it with the following elements:

  • Share an interesting question to discuss;
  • Explain your aims in this essay;
  • Write relevant thesis statements.

Thesis statements are essential for your expository essay. You must present facts and situations to your target audience, help them understand the main topic, and engage to know more about this issue. You can prepare an introduction at the beginning of writing or leave it for the final stage with the conclusion. 

The body for expository essay

The main part of your essay must contain 90% of the information you want to share. This is exactly the place you can explain facts, evidence, statistics, and other interesting information. Your personal experience about the topic can also have own section in the expository essay body. Just try to use only reliable and fair information.

Here are the main advice for preparing this part:

  • Share the one idea in the one paragraph;
  • Divide the text into sections to make it readable;
  • Use enough supporting information for each statement;
  • Explain the reasons why these facts are relevant for your topic.

In general, you need to prepare 4-5 and more paragraphs for your expository essay body. That’s why try to collect as many supporting facts for your thesis statements as possible.

Conclusion for expository essay

The end of your essay is the last chance to impress readers. This is your final word which helps to summarize the topic and share your findings. When you are writing a conclusion for expository essay try to use the following advice:

  • Prepare a short overview of your essay;
  • Share potential solutions for the problem you have earlier explained;
  • Prove that your research is important for readers and science.

Give your readers your final thoughts about your topic. Also, let them pabulum for reflection, so they can make own conclusions. It is great when people start to discuss anything after reading or listening to information. It means you have prepared a useful expository essay.

It’s important. The author is allowed to use his own experience in the topic to expose the subject. But this task requires you to use other reliable sources. So combine your own knowledge and primary or secondary sources for making a high-quality expository essay. Combine different sources to make your essay really exciting and useful for people. Be attentive to details and keep your eye on grammar, so there would be no misprint in your best paper.

Your expository essay is a challenge for you. But using professional tips in writing and paying all your efforts allow the author to prepare a real masterpiece. So take the responsibility and use all your strength to make your paper awesome!