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SAT Essay

If you need to get the highest score for your SAT, you can’t ignore its particularities. Just imagine that you have only 50 minutes for this task. It means you need to read a passage, understand it, and finish your exam. But if someone wants something so much, then there are no limits. If you really want to get the best result with your SAT, you should read the following article to the end.

The great SAT essay is own goal for the next hours. You should find out the main requirements and particularities if this paper, understand the general aims and steps to finish it with the assurance of success. If you use all tips and recommendations, then expect the highest score for your efforts. So let us start right now.

The Definition of the SAT Essay

SAT essay is an optional task for students you are going to pass this test. But all experts recommend never to avoid it and keep writing. The reason is simple: this task is a great opportunity to show own skills in analyzing and writing. Most professors value when students are able to use such approaches in education and further work. If you are prepared enough for making the SAT essay, you will have more benefits among other students.

So the SAT essay consists of one passage for 650-750 words in total. The student’s task is to read it and prepare a response. You only have 50 minutes from the start of reading to the end of writing. Be sure that this time passes like a flash when you need to make your work. The task of the SAT essay is to check the student’s ability to analyze someone else’s arguments. To make your essay impressive and strong you must focus on the author’s text, determine the main arguments, evidence, methods, etc.

There are 4 main stages in making the SAT essay:

  • Reading the text. You have 5-10 minutes to read it carefully and contemplatively;
  • Analyzing the paper. Spend 7-12 minutes to understand its main goal, arguments, and aims;
  • Writing your essay. There are only 25-35 minutes left for you to express own points of view;
  • Editing. Use the last 2-3 minutes to read your SAT essay and correct misprints.

The task is always the same, but the only text for analyzing differs. That’s why work with SAT essay prompts helps students to handle this task during the test.

How to Execute SAT Essay

To prepare the best paper you should plan it. Think about each step you need to make and use efficient tips of time management. You need to be fast and professional. Use the listed above main stages with additional recommendations to make the text qualitative and finish it in 50 minutes. 

Step #1. To read the text

Reading is a very important stage. You need to understand what the author wanted to say in his paper, determine his arguments, etc. There are several strategies that help the student to understand the content. But no matter the chosen strategy you must follow a strict rule: to keep an eye on the time. There are only 50 minutes for your SAT essay, but you can spend only 5-10 minutes on the first stage.

Here are several strategies to read the text:

  • Fast reading without putting much attention to details. This option suits students who use such tips in life and suffer from focusing on details for a long time. It is enough to get a general impression from the text to prepare your SAT essay;
  • Slow reading. If you don’t like deadlines and become very nervous in short terms, you can try to skim the article. Such an approach helps you to stay focused on your personal statements and avoid being too nervous at the exam.

You will also require reading several sections several times because they are more important or include more details. It is also okay if you still control the time. Of course, you must fully understand the text before analyzing it, but remember that this is only one stage of four steps in the process of preparing an SAT essay. Try to understand during the reading which part is more important to remember it better than others.

Step #2. To analyze the paper

If you don’t want to plan your paper because of the lack of time, you may be right. But unfortunately, there is no chance to prepare good content without planning it. Don’t make your essay like a mess, because it will not bring you desirable results. The best you can do is to use time management tips and spend 7-12 minutes for preparation.

Your SAT essay must include a clear structure. Use the introduction, evidence in the main part, and conclusions in the end. If you ignore your plan, then these parts may be twisted or even missed. Remember, that each text becomes much better if it was written according to a plan.

So make notes during reading the text. Also, add several keywords to remind yourself of what you are going to tell in this section. Choose the order of arguments to discuss in your essay and explain each statement with several sentences. Place them intimately in the text to keep readers attentive. Don’t try to mention all arguments in one paragraph, because other sections will seem to be boring.

Step #3. To write an essay

After you finish your analysis you need to hurry up with writing your SAT essay. Use your notes and keep the plan you have already created. In case you miss something, you must jump back and read the exact section of the text again. Try to avoid such a mistake, because it takes a really long time. The author has only 25-35 minutes to express his position in the SAT essay.

Here is the sample of the traditional SAT essay structure:

  • Introduction with facts to determine the main issue of the paper. It must be catchy and exciting. This part is usually written after the main paragraphs, but you can start your text with it if you like;
  • Reasoning with arguments and counterarguments based on examples and evidence. Start with the transition, then briefly introduce the main passage, explain the connection to your thesis statements and prove it;
  • Conclusion with your summary of the text and final statements to influence readers. Add here your points of view or general summary of the text.

You can change the structure, but its general view must be standard. Add examples in your text and support each statement with 1-2 paragraphs. This is the perfect length to support your evidence and make transition sentences for the next argument.

If you feel you don’t know how to explain your thesis statement, you can leave it and 10 free lines of the paper. Write the next section and come back to finish the previous point of view. If you try to focus on the part you are not going to write, you risk spending precious time and no not finish a section. So be rational and make efficient decisions.

Step #4. To make a revision

After you finish writing the SAT essay, it is still not ready. Use your last 2-3 minutes profitably and read your text again. A lot of students consider this is wasting time. But almost all of them make mistakes and misprints while being in a hurry to finish the paper before the deadline. So it is much better to read your SAT essay for the last time with a cold mind and correct all problems.

Here are the main reasons to check your paper:

  • Revision allows changing words with better synonyms and improves the text;
  • The author will understand that he must write faster to be on time.

Besides, you are allowed to cross wrong words and sentences during revision. No one will punish you for a little mess in a paper.

Useful Tips in Writing a SAT Essay

The expert writers have own secrets on how to make your SAT essay brilliant. Try these simple tips to improve the text and the final score:

  • To share only clear personal statements. The text for analyzing already has a passage, so you shouldn’t look for something else;
  • To use relevant thesis statements in an introduction. Explain which literature devices author used to create his arguments;
  • To work with language and vocabulary. You are not allowed to make grammar mistakes or silly misprints in such a responsible task;
  • To choose the perfect paper length. According to The Official SAT Study Guide, the author can choose the length he likes;
  • To be objective and hardworking. Remember, that this task is created to check your critical thinking and writing skills.

The best advice in writing an SAT essay is to practice. Read different prompts, write essays, ask other people to check your paper or make in on your own in several days. Such an approach will help you to be well-prepared for this hard and responsible task in the future. Be sure, this is not the hardest task in your life, but it’s better to practice and improve own skills in writing.