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Why Students Want to Work During Vacation

Why Students Want to Work During Vacation

In summer, when the exams are behind, modern active students prefer working then doing nothing. For them this is a chance to gain work experience and earn some money, find new friends and make useful contacts, try different professions, increase self-confidence. And the list of benefits is not finished here.

Main requirements of employees in this case are sociability, activity, responsibility. All the rest depends on the type of activity. The good thing is that in most cases working experience is not required.

Benefits of summer work for students

Additional money is not the only thing you get as a student doing summer job. Working for one or two-months during summer holidays has a lot of benefits:

  • You will have a chance to find out something new about yourself and the world around you;
  • You obtain working experience that most employees will expect from you when you will be looking for permanent job;
  • You will increase your self-confidence;
  • You will learn how to be responsible;
  • You will have a chance to learn new professional skills;
  • You will be more experienced in interaction between people;
  • You will become more independent;
  • You will learn how to care about money since you will know what it takes to earn it;
  • You will stay away from dangerous companies and activities you might have been doing instead of work.

It is not always you will be able to find well-paid job for summer, but the most important is that you become more experienced in many aspects. This will definitely help you after graduation when looking for job.

If you think of finding job for the summer and don’t know what you could be doing, check out our list of most popular jobs for students.

Top 7 summer jobs for students

On-campus IT specialist

This job is perfect for IT students, and also for those with good knowledge of computers. You also need to be rather communicative since you will need to interact with a lot of people. This type of job will help you quickly establish communication with both teachers and classmates. Working on campus you will be involved in the university community.

To look for a vacancy you can check the advertisement board or ask one of your teachers. Teacher always know about such thing, plus they can give you a good piece of advice and help with application.

Freelance writer

This job will be good for those students who are able to deal with different types of essays and papers easily, and has good knowledge in one or several subjects. Moreover, it is not only students’ written assignments you can be dealing with. You can write articles for newspapers, blogs, social media, etc.

If academic writing is what you want to try, you simply look for vacancies online. One of the benefits of this job is that you are not attached to one place. You may be in one part of your country and work for the service located in another part.

Type essay writing service in your search bar and check the results. A reliable service would have a good website filled with a lot of information, including for writers. You can find requirements and application form on their website. If you think you fit for the job and you like their conditions, go ahead!


This is a good way to begin your career. To look for an internship you can turn to your teachers for help, check websites that gather information about available internships, or examine the websites of the companies you would like to work at – they might be having vacancies too.

If you manage to undertake an internship in a big company, it will not only let you earn some good money but also give you a huge advantage in the future.

However, this is not an easy task to be an internship. Companies usually have a lot of requirements for the candidates. You are treated as a grown-up full-time employee so you will need to treat this job very responsibly.

Golf caddy

The major requirement for a candidate for a golf caddy position is good physical condition. The job supposes you to be a lot outside and carry the heavy gold bag everywhere the players go. If this is something you want to try check the availability of the position at the nearest gold club, or use online search.

Fitness Instructor

If you are considering position of a fitness instructor as a summer job you need to possess certain knowledge in the domain. Fitness instructors are, first of all, in good physical form, know the rules of healthy sports and diet, and have first aid certificate. An instructor knows how to use sports equipment and always sticks to security measures during the activity.

To look for this kind of job you can go to local sport clubs, search for vacancies online or ask your friends or acquaintances for information.


Tutoring can become a good option for student with high academic achievements. District advantages of this job are – ability to make your own schedule or even work freelance, enrich your mind with more knowledge because those who teach never stop learning themselves, and, of course, earn some good money.

As a tutor you can work independently and find your customers, or you can join special platforms for tutors online.

Laboratory assistant

This position is rather popular among students willing to work doing summer vacation. Basic requirements for candidates are to have in-depth knowledge in the domain, high academic performance, responsibility and sociability. The requirements may vary depending on the laboratory.

When considering this position, you have to be ready this is not the easiest job, you have to really work. On the other hand, this is an excellent chance to have experience.


This is probably one of the jobs that come to your mind when you think of summer work. In summer a lot of cafes and restaurants need more hands so they accept new workers with pleasure. Before you accept the offer find out the details like work schedule, working conditions, duties and salary.


This is another popular summer job for students. It does not require any special knowledge or skills. The working schedule is usually rather flexible and the work itself is unstressed.

5 useful tips to find summer job

  1. Find out if you will need to handle any work documents, if so, make sure to prepare them in advance;
  2. You need to have several reference letters from your previous employers, if not, from teachers;
  3. Begin with searching for vacancies for students and identify which of them interest you;
  4. Networking may help you in your search for job;
  5. Do not ask anyone to apply for you, always do it yourself.

These are the basic steps any college student in search for work should begin with. Make sure you begin your preparations and search in advance. It will probably take some time before you find the desired job.

And, do not forget, the one who searches always finds. If you manage to find job connected to your professions – it is great, if not – it does not matter, you never know what experience will be useful in the future. We sincerely hope that this article will help expand your circle of opportunities in the employment process.