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How Important Is the Research Paper Name

How Important Is the Research Paper Name

When writing a research paper, some students pay little attention to its title. They simply take a title of their research or the first phrase they have come up without bothering to think about it even a bit. But if you want your reader to take your paper seriously, we advise you to pay enough attention to the process of designing the title.

Everyone who will read your research paper will begin with reading the title. And, it means that you have all the chances to attract your reader’s attention from the first look. But if the title of your paper is boring or too complicated, the results of your research paper may not interest anyone. That is why you should give your title proper time, paying attention to the principles described below. A winning title to your paper is the key to success.

Examples of title Gives an idea about contents? Capturing attention? Reflects the tone of the paper? Availability of keywords?
Why is Meditation Good for Teachers? Yes No No Yes
Why Attentive Teachers Manage to Show Best Results? No Yes Yes No
Why Should Teachers Study Meditation? No Yes No No
Active Teachers: How to Improve Performance of Teachers via Meditation? Yes Yes Yes Yes

As you can see, the last title in the table meets all the requirements for a winning title for research paper.

Remember, that all the significant words should be capitalized. Other parts of speech – articles, prepositions, conjunctions – should not be capitalized.

7 useful tips to design an ace title

To help you get a clearer idea of what the tittle to research paper should be, we have made the list of useful tips. Follow these tips to compose a winning title for your research paper that will catch the attention of your audience. Read them carefully and apply in practice and you will get a guaranteed result!

  1. You should try designing brief yet informative title that, just with several words, help your audience have a clear idea of what your research will be about. Keep it logical.
  2. Choose one of three types of names: Brief – this is a more generalized type of title; Detailed – if you want to make your title narrower and specify your audience; Question – this type title not only reveals the idea of the paper but also indicated what question the author was trying to answer.
  3. The title of the paper is a combination of the smallest number of words that adequately describes its content. The title is the only part of the research paper that will be definitely read by your reader. The function of the title is to attract as many interested readers as possible to read your paper. In order to attract the attention of those to whom the paper may be interesting, the title has to correspond to the content of your paper as accurately and fully as possible. Thus, you should select the words for the title with the greatest care, pay attention to their informational fullness, significance and compatibility. If the title does not convey the content of the paper, it will not cause interest in many people.
  4. It should not be too long or too short, and should contain at least 3 and no more than 15 words (not counting prepositions) words. Sometimes the titles are too long because they contain junk words, i.e. words that carry almost no information load. Very often, these words are put at the beginning of the title.
  5. Usually the title is a label, not a complete sentence consisting of the subject, the predicate, etc. It is better to use active verbs instead of lots of nouns. Do not use complex sentences, phrasal verbs, aphorisms, etc.
  6. You should include key words in your title. For this, you should identify the most searched words in your topic and include some of them in your research title.
  7. Think about your research title after you finish writing the content. This approach will help you come up with the best title.

Samples of winning research titles

If you have fundamental knowledge in your topic but you are still at lost how to design a good name for your research paper, check out these samples:

Psychological paper titles

  • 5 Effective Natural Ways to Fight Stress
  • Instruction on How to Make People Do What You Want
  • Tips on How to Avoid Influence of Society
  • Unhappy Childhood Leads to Aggressive Adulthood
  • Valid Methods to Change Your Life

Education paper titles

  • How to Combine Study and Work
  • Effective Tips to Design an Ace Essay for One Hour
  • Importance of Education for Your Career
  • How Should the Education System Be Changed
  • How to Motivate Your Students

Business paper titles

  • How to develop Business without Investments
  • 5 Surprising Benefits of being a Businessman
  • 5 Great Ideas for a Start-Up without Funds
  • Fatal Mistakes Inexperienced Businessmen Do
  • Top 3 Secrets of Successful Business

Technology paper titles

  • 5 Most Unbelievable Innovations for Last 5 Years
  • Biggest Progress in Medical Technologies for the Last Decade
  • Unusual Ideas That are Likely to Change the Nearest Future
  • What Role Does Information Technologies Play in Our Daily Routine
  • How Good Is It Living in Technologically Developed World

When you are engaged in writing a research paper or an academic article for a scientific journal, you should compose your title after you finish the entire paper. Do not forget to reread your work, see if everything is logical and check mistakes.

There are situations when tips and samples do not help. A student does not have time for writing an ace research paper and title thereto, it is a good option to use help of professional writers.

Format of title page for research paper

Once you have come up with the cool title for your research work, it is time to get it formatted correctly. APA, MLA, and Chicago are the most popular styles used for this purpose. Your teacher will probably be giving you instructions as to the choice of format.  However, you should know the differences between APA and MLA pages:

  • If you chose APA style, your title should not be longer than 12 words. Your title should be brief yet informative, give a clear idea of further information. The name should be located halfway down the page, in its middle. And student’s personal information is indicated at the bottom.
  • If you chose MLA style, the tittle should be even shorter than 12 words, and take 1/3 of the way down the page. All the significant words should be capitalized.

The title on the main page should not be written in italics. In general, follow the guidelines given by your supervisor. If such guidelines were not given, you can ask yourself or search for some on internet.