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Basic Guide to Persuasive Essay Writing

A lot of people suggest that writing an essay is not difficult. Most likely they did not even try. Staring at a computer screen or a blank piece of paper can be really frustrating. You should write about your own experience, about your thoughts and feelings without getting out of the topic. Speaking about academic essay, it is considered to be an exercise for students. They receive an opportunity to explore and clarify their thoughts on a subject, to present an argument. Even if you don’t find an exhaustive answer to a specific question, you communicate your mindset.

But it’s not enough just to describe everything that you think about the proposed topic. It is important for the persuasive essay to be convincing, then it will be appreciated. That’s why you need to conduct thorough research, to analyze the paper and to design your own arguments to understand how to write a convincing essay. Start with choosing a non-standard and intriguing essay topic and it will determine your next steps. And we’re here to help you.

Why Do You Need an Essay Writing Service 

It’s not a secret that writing essays isn’t the easiest task. Starting, again and again, trying to formulate a thesis statement is extremely challenging. And you should keep in mind grammatical rules, correctly cite sources, get rid of plagiarism and outdated ideas. That’s why if you’re facing some issues in creating an essay, you need to hire a writing service. You can find professional help online and solve your questions due to people who are experienced in this task. We believe that everyone has their own ways of expression and shouldn’t waste time doing things they don’t like.

Some Useful Tips For an Impressive Essay

Picking the relevant topic will increase your chances to write a really cool essay. Moreover, a good topic will facilitate the task for you personally. It can be a motivation for you to write convincingly and sincerely. And don’t forget to narrow down the subject by adopting a particular position towards a theme. 

It can be challenging to establish the position and to find logical arguments. In this case, you can brainstorm with other students or your friends. There is also one effective method to work out your creativity. Put aside the smartphone with a timer and write down all the ideas you have. It doesn’t matter if they are irrelevant or seem strange, or you really don’t like them. If you write down about 100 ideas, you’ll find a killer one among them. Now you can look for a connection between your thoughts, explore them in detail and set your amazing persuasive essay topic. 

Funny Topics For A Persuasive Essay 

If you want to attract attention with your sense of humor, you should consider these funny topics for a killer essay:

  1. Blondes will save the world.
  2. Women cheat more than men.
  3. Humor can extend your life.
  4. Wearing braces is nice.
  5. Buy smart, live fun.
  6. How has feminism affected you?
  7. How did your parents prepare you for school?
  8. The real reason for global warming.
  9. Things girls do that guys hate.
  10. Trump presidency: best and worst moments.

Exceptional Persuasive Essay Topics For College Students

If your goal is to make an impression, you can consider these options for your essay:

  1. Are chips dangerous for the human mind?
  2. Cloning is the next wave of evolution.
  3. When will e-learning replace the traditional school?
  4. Why LGBT couples may be the best parents.
  5. Economists are paid too much.
  6. The most effective political regime ever.
  7. Evidence of the existence of other inhabited planets.
  8. Mental disorders can be compared to physical issues.
  9. Collecting dolls or cars is the most boring hobby in the world.
  10. How can music relieve stress in depression?
  11. How to choose the best future?
  12. Moral dilemmas of college students.
  13. Several effective ways to lose weight.
  14. Can cancer be avoided?
  15. Parents should protect kids from video games.
  16. The limitation of Instagram is important.
  17. Life without technologies in the XXI century.
  18. Take care of your online privacy.
  19. Which hobbies can improve your soft skills?

In the next section, we want to share ideas for brilliant speech that you can use in high school.

Inspirational Persuasive Essay Topics For School

There a list of cunning essay topics for high school:

  1. Which educational applications do you need and why?
  2. The role of bullying in modern high school.
  3. Do human needs value more than the needs of pets?
  4. How to conquer space if you’re in school?
  5. Considering cheerleading as a sport: Pros and Cons.
  6. Should the state approve marijuana treatment?
  7. Exotic pets are not your toys.
  8. Should euthanasia be legalized?
  9. Several simple ways to start recycling.
  10. Compassion is important for humans.
  11. Make your own survival plan.
  12. When to expect the next natural disaster?
  13. Why do we use textbooks in the XXI century?
  14. Should schools include music, drama and creative writing in its syllabus?
  15. How you can earn money if you are 14.
  16. The ideal school uniform as students see it.
  17. Should we lower the drinking age?
  18. Are internal issues more important than overseas affairs?
  19. The strictest punishment for drunk driving.
  20. The best era for a successful life is now. Can we agree? 

Persuasive Essay Topics for Middle School

Studying in middle school is challenging, but it is the best time to find new interests and hobbies. To learn how to express your personality. And there is a list of impressive essay topics you can use in middle school:

  1. Imagine you can meet a character from a book, series, comics. Who would it be? Why?
  2. How to divert the attention of a teenager from the TV?
  3. What things can make your classmates feel angry?
  4. A common language with parents is a myth or reality.
  5. Should gun rights be regulated?
  6. Do your teachers do enough to prevent bullying?
  7. Why homework is outdated?
  8. Doing chores should be considered as a job.
  9. We can change the world any day.
  10.  My favorite holiday.
  11. The most boring subject in the school.
  12. What excuses can be found for cheating?
  13. Cats make better pets than dogs.
  14. Sometimes scientific discoveries should remain a secret.
  15. How can we make the school newspaper interesting?
  16. TV shows about middle school: reality or fiction?
  17. Recycling in the school.
  18. Why bicycle is the better choice than the car?
  19. Life without the Internet: is it possible?
  20. What do I like about optional subjects?

The Best Compelling Persuasive Essay Topics 

The increasingly rapid pace of life today causes a lot of problems even for students. A lot of topics have already been discussed and it’s not easy to find something new and sharp. 

Take a look at some convincing essay topics that are relevant in 2019:

  1. It is necessary to study several languages from primary school.
  2. We should remove standardized examinations.
  3. People who injure or beat their pets should go to prison.
  4. Billboards on highways should be dismantled.
  5. Selfishness interferes with happiness.
  6. Why do some students hate rap music?
  7. Albert Einstein is the best scientist ever.
  8. Some TV series are more important than school subjects.
  9. School teachers should complete annual tests to get a license.
  10. Sex education is important for teenagers.
  11. Nuclear power is overvalued.
  12. Policymakers need to pay more attention to climate change.
  13. Children under 16 shouldn’t be presented online.
  14. People should use bicycles instead of cars.
  15. Make higher education free for all Americans.
  16. Gap year: pros and cons.
  17. Racial offenses are unacceptable.
  18. Parents instincts determine children’s ethics.
  19. Polygamy is not such a problem as society sees it.
  20. Blues is an extinct music genre.

Years you spend in college are very valuable. You can have fun and plan your career at the same time. And all your grades are the essential investment in your future. If you’re not the perfect writer, bet on our professional writing service. You can focus on what you do better and achieve great success in this. Whether you need to write about management, ecology, politics, sociology, etc., we can provide you with an assignment. We can guarantee its uniqueness and high-quality. So buy the persuasive essay and leverage this opportunity to get the best grade.