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A Hook for Essay, Creative Ideas, Tips, and Examples

Being a student, everyone understands that the process of studying is difficult. By the way, one of the most common problems among students is to write essays. It is a long and slow process because you should determine the topic, find authorized sources and pieces of information, format, structure and proofread it. But it isn’t all, because students should pay attention to the hook. It is said that one task is to write a quality essay, and the other one is to think about a hook.

Before writing all students must understand what the term ‘hook’ means. Everyone can tell you that this is one sentence that attracts readers’ attention and keeps them reading the essay until the end. Can’t understand how the only one sentence is so needed? Read our article and you’ll understand.

Maybe once you’ve heard about the 20-second rule. It means that the person looks through the text for 20 seconds and understands whether it is so valuable for reading. Of course, it is clear that the main ideas and key statements can’t be taken into account during this short period of time. But such theory is proved and all we scan the texts with our eyes. We recommend creating an effective hook because it will help to attract readers’ attention. This sentence will also help to create the right first impression about your essay. Even if the rest part of the work is standard, a great hook will do its best.

Maybe you are confused and think that one sentence doesn’t play so important role. But believe us that it really does. For example, your tutor will read your essay from the beginning and till the end. But the first impression of your paper will be made by a hook. Some parts of the paper may contain mistakes, but the beginning will be impressive.

The most useful tips for creating a hook

Have you understood the value and the role of the hook? We hope that your answer is ‘Yes’. And now we want to give you some effective and useful tips which will help to create an amazing hook which will attract readers’ attention.

1.     Determine your aims

If you know about what you will write exactly, it will help you to create a hook. Take into account everything. Is it appropriate to write in an informal style? What do you want the readers to feel? Answers on these questions will help you.

2.     Take into account the kind of paper

Professional authors divide the essay into four types. Students from the colleges and universities cab write descriptive, narrative, argumentative and persuasive essays. It means that you should know which one you have. The hook and the rest of the essay must be written in one style and meet the requirements of one type of essays.

3.      Don’t forget about the outline

Of course, writing an essay is not the most difficult task which the tutor can give you. During studying the students also face with such assignments as coursework, dissertations, and others. But the standard essay is like training. And on this step, you should learn how to write a plan. Essay will not contain 10-15 pages. But even if you want to write three or four pages, the outline is a must. With the help of it, you can see the structure. Sometimes looking through the plan, students consider deleting or adding something.

4.     Remember about the readers

The better you know your audience, the easier it will be for you to write an essay and a great hook. Don’t forget that people of different ages, nationalities and even professions can perceive the information differently. That’s why think about the main target audience, which will read your essay. And we recommend creating such a hook, which will be understandable and clear for them.

Writing the best hook: 7 ideas

Of course, now you can have an idea of how to write a hook for your essay. But we understand that you will be pleased and happy to look through the examples. And the team of our specialists decided to illustrate some of the most effective and appropriate hooks. We hope that after reading you will be full of inspiration and your own creative ideas.

1.     Write a quote

It is not considered plagiarism. Usage of the well-known quote is one of the best ways to start your essay. Be sure that the tutors will estimate it high. Try to find the statement, which is famous and strong. Don’t use the phrase from the songs or poems. Pay attention to the quotes of the presidents, historical figures or scientists. We think that the Latin expressions also can take place in your essay.

2.     Give a recommendation

Writing a narrative essay, you can speak with your readers with the help of written words. Sometimes it is so brightly and greatly to use some tips. Especially, if this sentence is the first one and it plays the role of a hook. For example, ‘If you never try you will never know’.

3.     Try to impress your audience

We recommend you to use some facts which are not well-known. It can be something that will intrigue or confuse readers. It is the best variant for those students because almost every topic has something that a few people know about.

4.     Don’t forget about rhetorical questions

This way of beginning the essay is also attractive. If you write it, your readers will start to think about the answer to the question. But, of course, the rhetorical question should be relevant to the topic of the paper. For example ‘What have I done to deserve it?’

5.     Add some contradiction

Contradiction statement is also one of the most attractive ways of beginning an essay. If you have something to say before the essay, it will be nice. But be sure that most of the readers will appreciate this statement. It is better to avoid religious thoughts.

6.     Why don’t to use a joke?

We underline that this idea is good when the essay is written in an informal style. Be sure that this hook will be the best one. Every reader will read the rest part of your paper in the right mood. Find the joke properly and avoid abusive ones. For example, you can use this one ‘Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.’

7.     Use statistical data

If you write an essay in the formal style, some statistical facts will help you to attract attention. Of course, the data must be used according to the topic. And the target audience will be also interested in it. The statement can be short, but clear and interesting. Sample hook is ’90% of the e-mails is spam’.

So we hope that after reading this article you have an idea of how to write the best hook for your essay. But if you still don’t know what to do, don’t be nervous. Our service has a team of professional writers. All of them will be pleased to help you, but only one will take your order. So many students ask for help, not only you. And the free author, who is best in a certain field, will write a hook for you. Lowest prices and meeting the deadline are guaranteed.