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How to write a 500 word essay

How to write a 500 word essay

A 500 word essay: what is it?

An essay is a piece of text where the authors express their points of view on certain issues and arguments. Different types of essay would have different sizes. However, 500 words is one of the most popular lengths for an essay. Many colleges give their students such written assignments very often. Moreover, those academic essay they compose to get scholarship to cover the tuition are also of this size.

It is not that small, so you should take your time to write it well. Besides, you should know the rules for structuring, formatting your text. For many students, especially for those who do this task for the first time, writing a 500 word essay is a real puzzle. But, it is possible to learn how to design good essays for a rather short period of time.

If you read instructions carefully, look through some examples, and simply take your time to design your essay – you will definitely get a high grade.

Students are usually free in number of sentences such essay should have. The structure would be similar to other types of essays: intro, main part consisting of several paragraphs and conclusion. You should structure your essay the way so introduction and conclusion each has 25% of the total volume, and the main part has the remaining 50%.

Before you begin your writing you should read the requirements or ask for them from your teacher. Despite this task is not the most difficult one, you should be prepared to perform it well.

500 word essay format

Usually, the requirements for the essay are given by the teacher. If not, you can format your 500 word essay under the standard norms.

To make the text more readable it is recommended to use double-spacing. It is common for all types of essay. In addition, it allows using different font styles in the text and keeping it readable.

For scientific papers it is common to use Times New Roman font. Think of using the same in your composition. The font is clear, understandable and easy to read. As to its size, it is recommended to set the font at 12pt. it is a comfortable size for a human eye and it allows placing a larger amount of words in one page.

Do not forget about the margins. Each side of the page should have one-inch margin. Common styles for essays are APA and MLA. It may turn out that different styles should be written differently. You can search for the requirements to these and other styles online.

500 word essay research

Of course, an essay differs from research paper. However, to be convincing the author has to carry out research and use it as a basis for their essays. The author needs to study the material, only reliable sources, and provide proofs and references in their project.

9 steps to write your 500 word essay

  1. Draft an outline of your essay. You can make a rough or detailed outline it is up to you. It will serve as a skeleton for your project and will help to keep it logic, structure the material you have and your ideas. Each paragraph should have a heading to be clearer and more understandable.
  2. Look through examples. So many students from around the world perform such written tasks and share their work with others. You can find online some good examples to use as templates for your essay.
  3. Design attractive introduction. You will need to use your skills to present and explain your thesis, and introduce the reader to further information in just 100 words. It is important to keep the text simple, clear and provocative to catch the attention of your reader and persuade them continue reading.
  4. Compose the body. Body, the main part of your essay, should have around 300 words. In this section you should explain your thesis as complete as possible, provide proofs from the reliable sources and justify your personal attitude to the subject.
  5. Draw a conclusion. In the final part of your essay you should summarize everything you said before and confirm the relevance of your research. You should not repeat your thesis word by word, it should be changed or paraphrased. Do not forget to indicate the possible spheres of application of your research. Conclusion should be around 100 words. You have to finish with the call for action or a question that will keep your reader thinking about it.
  6. Use your own style of writing. Usually, students are free in expressing their thoughts through their personal writing styles. The things you write in your essay should be your thoughts, your opinions and attitudes.
  7. Check for grammar mistakes. Everybody can make a mistake, even if you are perfect at grammar it can be a simple misspelling. To be sure you did not miss anything you can use grammar checking programs.
  8. Check for plagiarism. To be completely sure your work is unique it should be checked for plagiarism. You should do it even if you have written it yourself without copying a single word from a textbook or a journal. Your teacher will definitely do it, so you have to make sure there will be no issues.
  9. Turn to specialists for help. If you still feel puzzled about designing a 500 word essay you can use professional help. There are online essay writing services that perform all types of written assignments in any subject. You just need to find a reliable company, contact them and provide your requirements for the future essay. A competent writer will begin working on your order immediately. You can be sure your work will be finished in time and be of a high quality.

There is no limit for perfection

Do not think the work on your essay is finished when you have finished the text. Now, you have to make your 500 word essay perfect.

The best practice is to put your essay away for some time, and return to it with fresh head. Thus, you will be able to see the things you need to correct – complicated sentences or unclear phrases, vocabulary, structure, etc.

You can compare your finished essay with those examples you read before. See if there is anything in them you could use in your project.

Another thing you should definitely do it proofreading. It will help you correct possible grammatical mistakes.

And, if you need help with composing your essay, you can ask writers from writing services to help you. They will be able to design any type of essay students need.