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5 Paragraph Essay: How to Write and Get Excellent Marks?

There are too many students around the world who should deal with such kind of academic papers. Of course, it is not something new or strange. Such tasks are appropriate in the educational system. Moreover, a five-paragraph essay helps to check students’ knowledge.

It is often used in colleges. There the tutors give such tasks to their students. People also deal with these academic papers while passing IELTS or TOEFL tests. If a person studies at university or college, he/she also will write such paper as an exam.

As a rule, an essay consists of an introduction, the main part, and a conclusion. By the way, to write a five-paragraph essay is not as difficult as it may seem to be. But the students should know what to do, and then it will be easy.

So there are rules below, which will help to write such paper. Firstly let’s speak about structure. Your essay will be high-estimated if you understand its structure. Don’t forget about the correct formatting, and your work will be successful. It is said that the essay has the same design as usual. But the main peculiarity is that its main part consists of five paragraphs.

What About the Introduction?

This part is the first one. And here you should point your topic. Don’t forget to write about the main idea of your paper. Try to start your essay in such a way that the readers will pay their attention. The aim of an introduction is to make readers read till the end.

The thesis also should be written. It means that in one or two sentences you have to tell about the topic. It is believed that the thesis is like a promotion. As a rule, it is not too long. Two or three sentences are enough. But they can’t be wordy. Remember, that the rest paragraphs are based on the statements from the thesis.

Some specialists recommend writing a thesis in the end, after completing the essay. It happens so because only at this step it is clear which arguments are appropriate for a thesis.

The Main Part

It is time to present statements, facts, quotes and other pieces of information, which illustrate, support and prove your topic. If there is an opportunity, you can also give an example of your idea, written in a thesis.

As for the information, it is better to use authorized sources. You can look through some book, related to the topic. Published articles, scientific stories, and e-books can help you.

Remember, that your readers can be not as good on this topic as you do. That’s why it is recommended to use many sources and to make your thoughts clear. It is nor forbidden to unite some similar ideas into one statement. As a result, there should be three or five arguments.

In the standard situation, the most authorized thought is written in the first paragraph. And the other ones are mentioned in the next paragraphs.


This part should contain a summary of the essay. Firstly, the author repeats the main topic and idea and says here about the results of the work. This part of the essay shouldn’t be so long, but it must be full of sense. Sometimes it is appropriate to repeat the main arguments. But usually, a conclusion is a part which attracts readers’ attention as well as an introduction.

There are also special phrases, which should be used at the beginning of this part. Writing a conclusion of the essay, don’t forget to list the most important moments briefly and mention the main supporting arguments.

How to Write 5 Paragraph Essay: Best Recommendations

It is said that the students often deal with some problems while writing 5 paragraph essays. To make their work easier we want to list effective recommendations:

  1. At the end of the last part of an essay, you are allowed to write something unexpected. It can be a rhetorical question, your own point of view or someone’s mind. This statement must be in one sentence, and its aim is to confuse everyone who will read the paper.
  2. Don’t forget to write the essay using scientific terms. It is not a good idea to use slang words or not understandable abbreviations. Vocabularies and other literature will help.
  3. Unique ideas and statements are allowed. But even adding them in the essay, follow the structure.
  4. Try to write only those arguments, which will be understandable for all categories of readers.
  5. Remember about the topic. An essay is not a report, which may consist of 20-25 pages. Here you should write only those pieces of information, which are relevant to the topic.
  6. Divide complex sentences into two short ones. They will be easier to read. Proofread the text and correct all mistakes.
  7. Make a plan for the paper before writing. Always follow this plan and don’t change the structure of the 5 paragraph essay.

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