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What Is a Finance Paper?

What Is a Finance Paper?

During the school years, students have learned multiple subjects and gained knowledge on complex sciences. They explored the past during History classes and have seen the world with a geography teacher. They learned how to share thoughts during English lessons and to explain multiple phenomena logically in math classes. Subjects like physics, biology, and foreign language gave them a range of valuable knowledge and prepared for adult life.

However, after graduation, you probably realized that all that knowledge could hardly help you to make a living. And that is one of the most important features that make financial education so important.

It doesn’t matter whether you are willing to become a financial specialist or are taking the course to be able to manage finances in the future. There are multiple challenges that are waiting for you along the way. Luckily, you are in the right place because today we’ll tell you everything about finance papers, their structure, and will even share an example.

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Structure of a finance paper

Finance paper is harder than a book review or a descriptive essay. It consists of more sections and requires detailed analysis. Let’s start mastering this science with the skeleton of the paper. Here are the elements your future finance assignment should include:

  • Introduction. Here everything is rather clear: you need to introduce readers to the topic, tell about your main question and hypotheses, provide a thesis statement, and hook the audience with a smart joke, a shocking fact or a personal story;
  • Literary review. It usually goes as a separate paragraph of the introduction but some teachers may require devoting a new section. A literary review is a brief description of the sources you have used in the text. Along with general facts on the title, publishing house, number of pages, and publication date, you should also tell a few words about the author and his or her contribution to the financial field;
  • Methodology. This section explains what tools and strategies you have used when working on the financial paper. Depending on whether your work is theoretical or practical, the methodology part may include surveys, interviews or analysis of different sources;
  • Results. At this stage students should give quantitative information on the results of the study;
  • Discussion is where you transform all the numbers into words and explain how the findings can contribute to the field;
  • Conclusion, where everything is summed up. No need to introduce any new details or leave readers trying to answer a rhetoric question. However, it is a good idea to close your financial paper with a call to action. 

Tips from professional writers

If you find it simple to write an essay on history or to complete homework in biology but can’t cope with a finance paper, thousands of hundreds of students worldwide share the same feelings.

Those, who study this subject regularly feel stressed and anxious because they have to master multiple skills before coming up with a solid paper. We want to share a few tips that may help you deal with the finance paper as easily as possible.

Approach the topical issue wisely

The financial world is moving at a break-neck speed and new topics emerge literally every minute. And these topics and problems are solved even the same day. That is why when searching for an issue you need to pay attention to burning questions and put aside those, which are outdated and uninteresting.

However, there are topics that will never get old and if it’s difficult to find a modern issue for a finance paper, try getting back to classic topics. Their big plus is lots of available sources but it is challenging to come up with fresh and unique ideas because there are already thousands of similar works.

If you don’t know which topic to choose, write down all the issues you are interested in and ask your tutor for advice.

Devote enough time to researching

Economics and finances are disciplines, which are divided into multiple subjects. All these spheres are related and when searching for sources you will have to process multiple related books. That is why we recommend starting working on a financial paper well in advance to devote maximum time to researching.

Remember that when reading sources, you may come across unknown terms and will have to learn more about them. We also recommend noting down important details on every used source because eventually, you’ll need to write a literature overview. 

Visualize information

When writing a finance paper, you will need to face statistics and numbers like prices, income, inflation rates, and so on. If you present this information as text, it will look complex and the reader won’t feel comfortable reading it. 

That is why our writers recommend using visual elements like sparklines, diagrams, and tables. They are perfect for situations when you need to compare numbers or show the changes. However, you should remember that readers may not have expertise in the field, so the provided information must be easy to understand.

Always start with an outline

One of the biggest mistakes every student makes is not thinking about the structure of the future finance paper. To avoid serious mistakes and to expect the highest grade you should plan the process beforehand. And the best way is to craft an outline.

We recommend writing it even before the research stage because it is much easier to collect information when you already know what elements to look for. However, such an approach won’t work if you still don’t know what arguments you are going to discuss.

When outlining the paper don’t forget about all the sections it should contain an introduction, literary review, methodology, results, discussion, and conclusion. If the paper is not a dissertation, the main sections can be united in body paragraphs.

Start writing the paper only when all the headings and subheadings are ready. And don’t forget about the thesis statement, which explains the whole point of your future finance paper.

Check the final version as many times as necessary

We don’t get tired of reminding how important proofreading is. Your essay or any other assignment may be interesting and deep but you won’t get an A if it is filled with mistakes. Even if you have been completing these types of papers for months, it doesn’t mean that there won’t be any typos.

Thus, you should devote enough time to rereading the draft and making sure that it is professional and mistakes-free. You should also rewrite sentences or even paragraphs that seem out of place. If you lack editing skills, use free online checkers, which can detect multiple types of mistakes. However, don’t rely on them completely because any software may fail.

If you have a friend or a family member, who is proficient in English, ask for help and get a side view of your work. Thus, your finance paper will be clear and readable.

Finance paper topics

If you’re stuck and not knowing what to discuss, check the list below and find the topic that resonates with your interests and mood:

  1. Importance of administrative accounting. Its role in a company;
  2. Iberia PIc and Air Berlin PIc comparison;
  3. Analysis of the Coca Cola investment report;
  4. Performance and position of Apple in the stock market;
  5. Mergers and acquisitions;
  6. Moralities and principles of accounting;
  7. The role of stakeholders in the global financial crisis;
  8. Risk analysis and CAPM models;
  9. Analysis of Gillette accounting reports;
  10. Capital budgeting at Abraxas Petroleum.

Example of a finance paper on market efficiency 

For the last six decades, market efficiency has been a burning topic among financial experts and economists in different parts of the world. Robert Shiller and Eugene Fama, the 2013 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Science recipients, have stirred a discussion on the market efficiency since the 1980s.

The 2007-2008 financial crisis has greatly increased interest in market efficiency because markets are the basis for economic theories. Comprehensive research has shown evidence of multiple abnormalities, which challenge market efficiency and can be an explanation of different tendencies. One of them is the ‘size effect’. However, even though there is much evidence that this effect is real, there is no evidence that this phenomenon violates the hypothesis of market efficiency.

Closing words

Finance papers can become a real headache even for experienced students. And if it is not your major, the task may be even more challenging. However, there is a great alternative to sleepless nights, stress, and worries: our writing service consists of financial experts that are always at your service.

They will not only write a perfect paper but will also explain the topic giving a chance to master the subject without a need to hire a tutor or to spend weekends over books. Contact our managers for more details and we guarantee that the result will exceed your expectations.