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Argumentative Essay Topics

Writing an argumentative essay is very often a task for students. They prepare such a paper for history, arts, political science, philosophy, and other disciplines. But to choose a topic for the paper is more challenging than you can think.

On the one hand, a topic is not the main element of argumentative essay, because of this task Perseus aim to check the student’s ability in writing and supporting their own point of view. On the other hand, the bad topic doesn’t allow the author to share all his potential skills and knowledge in argumentation. As a result, the title and subject of your essay really matter.

The Best Topics for Argumentative Essay

First of all, you need a topic with controversial positions. There is no great chance to get a high mark for describing the trivial subject. Usually, authors prefer quite brave and sometimes even shocking topics. For instance, you have more benefits to choose a title about LGBT rights, then about reasons to abide by the law or living a healthy lifestyle. The second topic is obvious and doesn’t mean any interest for readers.

Second of all, you should choose the best topic among several good ones. It’s better to collect options, investigate the potential power of each variant, and pick up the most exciting and relevant one. If you have no such ability, then this list of the best argumentative essay topics will be unbelievably helpful for you.

Examples of Interesting Topics for Argumentative Essay

Both college and university students require to discuss a meaningful and exciting topic. Without such a core of your essay, you wouldn’t be able to impress your target audience and get the highest grade. So try to use the controversial subject for your paper and collect really impressive arguments to support own position.

These examples of argumentative essay topics are divided into several sections. Almost all of these titles are general options, so will suit current students at high school, college, or university.

The family

This is a fundamental element of society. It is highly discussed all the time because people tend to talk about their problems and achievements. Besides, the moral and ethical sides of the society are constantly changed, so this fact makes a family be something that is worth to discuss.

But remember, that you need to evaluate a controversial topic with a catchy background. Avoid the traditional meaning of the family and its principles and pay more attention to current problems. For instance, society doesn’t like changes, but it must be changed.

Here are the interesting topics for argumentative essay in the section ‘the family’:

  • Pros and cons for homosexual couples to adopt children
  • Should spouses have equal economic rights or there are special roles for women and men?
  • Do you agree that it’s better to divorce and make your kids live in an incomplete family, but have a right for a private life?
  • Is there any positive side of physical punishment for the kid?
  • Why one kid in a family can become a narcissistic and self-confident person?


This is another field where authors can find millions of topics for discussion. Each person is influenced and determined by social rules. Someone is more defined by society, someone is less. But the results are the same: we have to live in the community of other people and deal with the principles of modern society.

These social principles mean a lot for people because they can find support for own life. How to live, where to go, how to spend leisure… You can get approval or disapproval of your activity.

Here are the interesting topics for argumentative essay in the section ‘society’:

  • Do people have to support immigrants at the domestic level?
  • Why abortion should be legal?
  • Should a church be independent in a country?
  • The reasons to use the death penalty
  • How globalization influences on the population of third countries?


People always need to make decisions. They choose one option among others using standpoint or general moral principles. Usually, they involve numerous arguments to define own position in conflict situations. In such cases, you understand that each side is right and have a reason to take the exact decision. But no matter what you need to pick up one side.

If you dive deep into the issue, you will definitely see other layers of the problem. These layers can help you to take own position or make it harder to find out the right choice. As a result, your reflection will be defined by social or personal principles.

Here are the interesting topics for argumentative essay in the section ‘ethics’:

  • Can a priest share the secrets of the confessional, if the police require it?
  • Is it ethical not to reanimate patients with ‘do not resuscitate’ tattoo on their body?
  • Do you support quotes for women during the election to the parliament?
  • Can a person shoot a stranger who enters his home without permission at night?
  • Is it possible to use white lie for good or a friend’s frown is better than a foe’s smile?


Humanity exists for a long time. Only thanks to history as a science of collecting facts we know about huge events and personalities. People are sure that they must know the history of their family, country, and world. First of all, we are not able to create a future without knowledge about our past. Second of all, history lessons help us not to make the same mistakes, which people had done hundreds and thousands of years ago.

So historical topics for argumentative essay mean a lot for the world and humanity. This is our destiny and reason to live, so no one can forget what had happened in the past. You can use a great historical theme to share your position and educate other people about the unknown part of humanity’s lifeline.

Here are the interesting topics for argumentative essay in the section ‘history’:

  • Do you consider colonialism has brought more benefits to people or more problems?
  • Do Americans have a right to expel the native population for the white people’s sake?
  • What if the Soviet Union can still exist?
  • Who is responsible for the consequences of the Second World War?
  • Do you agree that North Korea is a totalitarian country?


Topics for argumentative essays in health are very broad. Such titles allow discussing different medical conditions, new kinds of treatment well-known diseases, problems of healthcare at the domestic level, etc. It is important, that such discussions must be supported with real facts and investigations in medicine.

Usually, this field is available only for people who work in the healthcare sphere. But frankly speaking, each person aspires to live a long and healthy life, so he can share own position about most medical questions.

Here the interesting topics for argumentative essay in the section ‘healthcare’:

  • Explain the reason why healthcare must be paid but not free?
  • Do you support medical experiments on people and animals?
  • Is it ethical to treat murders and other prisoners?
  • What are the main benefits of a private system of healthcare comparing to public ones?
  • Is drug addiction considered to be a physician or physician decease?


Nowadays education determines the future of most people. Depending on your profession, skills, and knowledge you can take exact place in society. Young people don’t understand the role of a good education when they are young. But adults usually regret it because of making the wrong choice at youth.

That’s why the topic of education is so highly discussed in society and at the domestic level. As a result, college students have a lot of options to discuss their previous, current, and future education.

Here are the interesting topics for argumentative essay in the section ‘education’:

  • Explain the benefits of student-centered education comparing to teacher-centered system
  • Do you agree that children with special needs should be taught separately from other kids?
  • What are the disadvantages of taking an exam without attending classes?
  • Should parents control their kids’ progress in the study?
  • Why teachers shouldn’t be friends for students?

How to Prepare Great Argumentative Essay

Your topic is a part of successful argumentative essay writing. Remember that you must prepare interesting, exciting, and relevant content with strong arguments. So after brainstorming with your best topic you should follow the guidelines:

  • Prepare an outline with the most essential elements of your future paper;
  • Plan the proper structure of your essay with a traditional introduction, body, and conclusion;
  • Collect your arguments and refute the arguments of your opponent;
  • Write the text according to main principles (writing style, paper length, etc.);
  • Proofread your argumentative essay to make it free from mistakes and misprints.

A classic argumentative essay needs to include a paragraph with the claim, 2 sections with evidence, one paragraph with counterarguments, and final thoughts in the end. Try to make the paper interesting, avoid using just pure facts without controversial arguments, use one strong position and keep proving it. This is all you need to know about this type of academic paper.

So use the list of these great topics for argumentative essay and make your paper worth the best mark!