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Dissertation proposal, classical sample, tips, and structure

As a rule, a dissertation proposal is a paper that contains extra information about the dissertation. Usually, it allows readers to know about the theoretical background which was used. Also, tutors and students can read it to understand what questions were examined in the dissertation. Methodological approaches, sources, and results are also mentioned in such paper.

Speaking about the structure, we can say that a few dissertation proposals can differ between each other. It is influenced by the course, discipline, the number of pages and inspector’s requirements.

A dissertation proposal is written first, before the whole paper. It is really convenient for the students because such paper is like the first step of the massive written work. Also, a proposal is given to the instructor that looks through the text and gets the opinion about the further dissertation. On this step, the instructor makes some changes and you will avoid further mistakes in work. Of course, it is better to correct something at the beginning of the work. If you don’t listen to the instructor and do as you want, you may fail the dissertation or pass it after the deadline.

Having a proposal, you understand what goals you have to achieve in your research. The list of these goals is always with you in this paper. So writing the first chapter of the research paper, you will structure it properly and do right the rest of the work. A proposal is also a useful tool for those students, who have never faced such kinds of paper before.

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Dissertation proposal: what should be included?

As it was mentioned above, the structure of the proposal can vary. But there are some parts which must be in every paper. We don’t recommend you to take the first sample which you see, because this structure can be not appropriate for you. But the mains sections must be. It is said about the basic issues which will be discussed in the paper, the main goals which will be reached in the dissertation, the methods which will be used and the list of sources.

Let’s begin. The first part is the introduction. 95% of academic papers have such a beginning. With the help of the introduction, the writer can demonstrate the main ideas and issues of the topic. Here you can show the objectives of the research, highlight the questions on which you are going to answer in the dissertation.

It will be great when your research is valuable for science. Make your proposal more serious, and write about the impact which will have your research on science. Don’t forget to write definitions of the terms, abbreviations, and limitations because your work can be read by everyone.

The proposal also should contain a review of the literature. Try to use modern and authorized sources, which are proved and accepted in the scientific circle. Writing a proposal, you can mention the literature, which you are going to use. Here you should write the title, author’s name, year of publishing.

As for the methodology, it also should be mentioned in the proposal. But this part can be placed everywhere in a paper, except the beginning and end. Write here about the method of collection data, analyzing information.

Research findings. With the help of this section, you will know what data you have and what you are going to write in the dissertation. On this step, it is important to make sure that all the findings are appropriate to the objectives which are mentioned earlier.

Any paper should end with a conclusion. The dissertation proposal is not an exception. Here you have to write a summary of the proposal. The writer should mention what he/she is going to write in the dissertation.

Depending on the discipline, the structure of the dissertation proposal can vary. But the process of writing this paper doesn’t take too much time. So we advise everyone to write it as quickly as you can and send to the instructor. Of course, he can give you some notes and our tip is to make these changes properly.


Today there are too many samples, especially on the Internet. By the way, you should be attentive because of one example maybe not appropriate for your discipline and instructor’s requirements. That’s why if you want to have an example, you have to look through properly and find the most appropriate one.

Let’s consider the example. The student writes a dissertation about Computer Science. In this way, he should start by writing the name of his university. The next step is to write the objectives and aims of further dissertations. The introduction of the proposal is usually small because readers should understand what you will write about.

And then the student needs to divide the proposal into some parts. Let’s look.

1.      Introduction. Here the results and the main thesis are mentioned, as well as a short description of the dissertation.

2.      Scientific background. Don’t forget that your readers may not understand the whole terminology as you do. That is why you should give definitions to common terms. Also, tell about the existed written works which are related to your topic.

3.      Theoretical part. Give basic information about the question. Be brief but informative. This is just a proposal, so the main part is going to be in the dissertation.

4.      Write about some experiments which you want to do. If the subject allows, you can mention it in the proposal. The results of the experiments will be written in the dissertation.

5.      Make some perspectives. Of course, the dome dissertation will have an impact on modern science. But while writing a proposal, you can plan and think about the exact impact and perspectives of the dissertation.

So this is a standard model of the dissertation proposal. But depending on the instructor, subject and scientific requirements, the structure can be changed.

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