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Top Social Issues Essay Topics for Every Student and Writing Tips

Choose Your Best Social Issues Topics For A+ Grade

If you think a bit, you will notice that we are surrounded by social issues in our everyday life. We face different social problems every day and we watch the news and TV shows depicting them all the time.

But if you face an assignment of writing on one of the social issues, you may struggle with the choice of the topic. It is no wonder while there are so many topics that it is really difficult to choose one that would stand out from the rest of the essays. 

But don’t worry, our detailed guide will help you choose your best social issues topic so you could write an outstanding essay and impress not only your professor but every reader!

Things to consider when writing your essay on social issues

If you have been assigned to write an essay on one of the social issues, accept our congratulations while now you are going to do an exciting and interesting job. But before you even start picking up your topic, you should know some important aspects:

  • Understand the issue. You should be aware of the requirements for essays on social issues. And it supposes you to depict a particular social, anthropological, or psychological issue. And once you choose your topic and know what you will write about, you should research the given social issue very carefully;
  • Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Your task is not only to describe the problem but also to analyze it and find possible solutions. And perfection requires practice. If you write for the first or second time, you will most likely make mistakes and that is normal. Just try to follow the requirements of your professor;
  • Study some philosophical and social theories. Yes, studying different scientific theories relating to your problem is a must. Without it, you will not be able to do good research. However, you have to express your point of view on the given topic, as well. Besides, you will need to find a possible solution to the social issue;
  • Cite as many sources as possible. Being original and unique is not the case when it comes to social issues essays. That writing requires you to state as many sources as possible and cite as many authors as possible. After you analyze all the viewpoints, you will be able to express your own opinion on the given issue.

Structure of the essay on social issues

The structure of that type of essay is not different from that of the majority of academic paper works. It consists of the introduction, main body, and conclusion. If you forgot how each of the parts should look like, we will remind you below.

Social issue essay introduction

The introduction is the initial information that will contain the thesis statement. You should not overwhelm it with different information. Just make it exciting and evoke the wish of your readers to go further and find out what’s next.

So you understand probably that your introduction has to be eye-catching that will make your reader eager to keep reading it. You can choose to use a quote or a rhetorical question at the very beginning to grab people’s interest.

Social issue essay main body

The body part should not be brief as your introduction and should be more informative already. It contains the key arguments and evidence. From the main body, people should understand the issue well and see the evidence supporting your point of view.

They have to understand the importance of the issue and find possible solutions to it together with you.

Social issue essay conclusion

The conclusion is a logical ending of your essay. Make sure not to add any new arguments, evidence, and any other information here. It all should be told in the main body.

The conclusion should only summarize everything being said before and be a final point leaving people to think about the discussed issue. The conclusion has to be clear, precise, and short. Make it memorable because this is the last paragraph your readers see and they should think of your message. 

Some more writing tips

Yes, the structure of the social issue essay is not different from that of other essays but everything else is quite different. And here is why.

  • Submit as many real-life examples as possible. When working on your social issues essay, you should talk about real-life problems, so the evidence from life situations is a must;
  • Include quotes and statistics. While you are required to conduct your research, it is important to support it with facts, such as charts, statistics, and experts’ quotes that would prove what you are talking about. After all, you are the part of the society the issue of which you describe, so you should also express your own opinion on the topic;
  • Give a comparison of the same problem in different societies. Comparing the issue under discussion with that in other countries would be a brilliant idea. Show whether they are similar or different and how exactly. 

Social issues topics

Now as you know all the peculiarities of such an assignment, you should start choosing your topic. We should admit it is not the easiest task because there are plenty of social issues that could be interested in different audiences.

So, first of all, you should pick up the topic you would be interested in. Yes, it is much easier to write about something so close and well-known to you. And secondly, you should think of your readers. Think who is going to be your audience and choose the topic according to their wishes.

Of course, if your professor didn’t assign you a particular theme for your essay, you may check the list of the topics below for your convenience. The proposed social issues topics may inspire you and you will come up with a great and brilliant idea of your own.

Social issues topics on human rights

  1. The violation of human rights in different sectors of the population.
  2. Are Native Americans treated better than migrants with a green card?
  3. Should Miranda Warning be reviewed?
  4. How does terrorism affect civil rights?
  5. Death penalty: the pros and cons.
  6. Do we have justice in our country?
  7. Is democracy in our country?
  8. Do police abuse its privileges?
  9. The violation of women’s rights.
  10. Should we be tracked by the government or it is the violation of our human rights? 

Social issues topics on poverty and wealth

  1. The aggression against homeless people.
  2. Do we have an average class of people or we are divided into poor and rich ones?
  3. Should rich people pay more taxes?
  4. College education should be available to all layers of society, including poor people.
  5. Should the government launch a special program to protect homeless people?
  6. How can we make housing available to every citizen in our country?
  7. Should we blame society for POC poverty?
  8. The propaganda of a rich life on our TV.
  9. Is capitalism destructive?
  10. Do charity organizations help people?

These are only two categories of topics to choose from or get inspired. But keep in mind that we are surrounded by social issues and you can choose to write on anything you may be concerned about. For example, anything related to children, domestic violence, crime rates, the impact of social media on teenagers, the problems of homeless pets, health issues, suicides, wars, drug and alcohol addiction, etc. 

As you can see, there are plenty of topics and any student can choose anything that he thinks may be important for him or society. Just make sure to follow the above-mentioned tips to understand your topic better. And the example of an essay on the social issue will help you understand better how to write such an assignment.

The example of an essay on social issues

The impact of social media on teenagers

Kids nowadays are well-aware of technology and progress and social media platforms became an essential part of their lives. According to recent research, an average US teenager spends around 6 hours a day on the Internet and social media. As a result, teens are highly influenced by social media stereotypes.

Social media create stereotypical images of people, for example, that women should be skinny and have full lips. The social media advertisement shows that women are less independent than men. Social media platforms create stereotypes by hair and skin colors, gender, and body types. They are used to advertise different goods and products that makes teenagers subconsciously want to use those goods that maybe not only unnecessary but also harmful to them. 

All of it looks like just a good way of entertainment and fun place to communicate with your friends. But as a result, children and teens are influenced by advertisements and propaganda and start asking their parents for expensive clothes, perfumes, phones, and sometimes, not healthy food. Moreover, they become addicted to photos, selfies, and Photoshop.

As a result, teenagers start creating fake images of themselves, live in a fake world of PS, and lying about their lives in blogs. This alternative reality seems more appealing to them. Such social media life often creates problems in their “offline” world. 


If you read our tips and tricks carefully, you will not have any problems with social issues topics. Just remember to write on something that is appealing to you and then, your reader will love what you have written because your passion can be felt in every word of your essay.

And if you still struggle with your writing, choosing a topic, or just lack of time, you can always apply to the team of professionals and get your perfect essay at a reasonable price!