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Article Review: Top Tips, Recommendations, and Offering Help

Apart from the research papers, there are assignments like reviews. And often the tutors from the universities and colleges ask the students to write an article review. It happens because students have to show their abilities to write an interesting review and to estimate the meaning of the article.

The task isn’t simple and easy. Sometimes it takes a lot of time to write a proper review. By the way, you should read the article four or five times. Of course, you can underline some special moments. But the task is not to rewrite the text, but to write your own attitude and support every mind with the arguments.

If you think that you can’t do it, read our tips, and they will help you!

What Does the Term ‘Article Review’ Mean?

So before starting the work, you need to realize what the article review is. We can say that this is a paper; in which student has to write his/her own analysis and the summary. To read the article for some time is not enough. You should read and pay attention to every word. Try to understand what the author wants to say, and only in this way the review will be successful.

The difficulty lies in the ability to understand, summarize and make the analysis. Once you may be a critic, but at the same time, you can say that some elements of the article are great for you. And the problem with most students is to combine descriptions and arguments about advantages and disadvantages.

There are too many samples on the Internet, so you can look through hundreds of them and choose the best model for your further work. But everyone understands that the review must be unique, so it’s better to use our tips and write your own review with your own thoughts and ideas.

Top 10 Tips

If you don’t know anything about this assignment, but want to do your best and get a high grade, read our tips attentively. They will help you to write an excellent article review.

1.      Make sure that your review contains appropriate information. Now you know about what the article review is. But at the same time, you need to know about its structure. It doesn’t have a required structure, but your own analysis and your own attitude with the arguments are the musts.

2.      Read an article a few times and determine its idea. When you read the text for the first time, we recommend you to concentrate on your first impression. Try to think about the author and define whether he/she reached the goals and in with the help of what.

3.      Check the terms which you don’t know. While reading underlines the words, terms and word combinations that aren’t familiar to you. Then take a reliable book or online dictionary and find out the meanings.

4.      Find the most important ideas. Reading the article for the second and third time, take a pencil and underline all ideas which help you to understand the main sense of the article.

5.      Make a plan. Even the simplest outline will make your work easier. In such a way, you will group your thoughts and details. By the way, with the outline, you will not forget anything. Apart from the outline list the questions which should be answered in the review.

6.      Pay attention to the title. If the tutor asks you to make a review, for example, on the medical article, pay attention to the title while choosing. Writing a review, you should rewrite it and leave it as concise and attractive as it is in original.

7.      Don’t forget about the format. It doesn’t depend on whether it is the movie or article review, you mustn’t rewrite the plot. You should write your own preferences, attitude, and tastes and support them with strong and clear arguments.

8.      Start with an introduction. If it is appropriate, you can tell how you get this article. Tell about the main idea of the author, list some moments which are discussed in the text and end this part of the review.

9.      Write a review in a formal tone. It is better for you not to use slang. Of course, your task is to share with your own attitude. So be brief and serious. The tutor should see that you can make analysis, evaluate the main author’s ideas and give evidence.

10.  Finish with a conclusion. We hope that after reading the text a few times, you understand the author’s goals. So in the last part of the review write whether these goals were reached or not. Briefly tell about all cons and pros. The successful review should contain the element of recommendation. And if you really like this article, recommend your readers to read it.

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