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Movie review: ideas and tips for a perfect paper

There are too many colleges and universities where the tutors give the students either an easy or difficult writing task. It is to write a movie review. Firstly, it seems to be the easiest assignment. But practice shows that 90% of students can’t complete this task well. The problem is that it is not clear how to write your own thoughts and what should be mentioned. We recommend reading our article and you will write reviews better.

Firstly, we want to tell about the aim of this assignment. But it is really easy. The movie review is an essay in which the student needs to write about the disadvantages and advantages of the movies which were seen. But the problem is that you needn’t just list the benefits, but also explain why you think so. The truthful review must have arguments, which support the author’s points of view.

So how to write an ideal movie review? We want to tell some recommendations, which are so effective. The first and the main tip is to watch the film a few times, understand its main idea, determine advantages and disadvantages. Of course, there will be lots of details which should be in your attention. So, in other words, your assignment is to watch an interesting movie and to write about it in a proper way. Is it still so difficult?

Let’s agree that research paper writing is more difficult. And such kinds of paper take too much time. So the movie review is easier and more interesting to write. Our tips will help.

6 tips: how to write a perfect movie review

1.      Watch a movie and write down some notes

The first step is to watch the film. If it is similar to you, it’s better to watch one more time to remember all the details. But even in such a situation, we recommend to make notes and write needed details. But they shouldn’t contain just information about the plot. Write about stars, music, and graphics. 

2.      Find as much information about the film as you can

Writing a review, you have to mention the year and the title of the movie. It will be nice to write about its genre and name of the director. If the movie has awards, you can write about it. Also, a good idea is to list the name of the actors. If the movie is based on a book, please, don’t forget to mention its title and author. Remember, readers mustn’t know this film, so they need to get all the pieces of information about it.

3.      Think about a plan

Take a piece of paper and write everything that you want to tell about this film. Your note should remain the outline. And later when you will start writing a review, it will help you. Also, you can find the samples on the Internet and compare your outline with the existed review. Maybe you will add or remove something.

4.      Structure a review in a proper way

Start with an introduction. To attract readers’ attention, it is better to use a hook. It can be a quote or a well-known phrase from this movie. In this part you should also write some pieces of basic information, maybe your attitude to the film.

Writing the next part – body – you are able to write everything that you have noted before. Be sure, that your review is so informative but brief. Every statement, which you write, has to have support. If you like everything in this film, you should write about it and give serious evidence of why it is so. If you don’t like the movie, you must do the same. Just write what you don’t like and why.

The last part of the review is a conclusion. Writing an introduction, you mentioned the thesis – the main idea or the main thought. So it is time to go back to this statement and proved it.  As a rule, a person, who reads reviews, reads it because he/she wants to know to watch this movie or not. So don’t forget to give your own recommendation, which is supported by the arguments in the main part.

5.      Be original

Don’t write about the plot of the film. Of course, you should tell me something about it. But we recommend writing about something interesting. For example, about the mood which you had after watching. Also, you can write about music and the main soundtrack. Don’t forget about the actors’ skills and talents. Maybe you want to write about the graphics. It is also allowed.

6.      Avoid mistakes

When the review is done, of course, you are proud of your work. But you have to proofread the paper properly. It is better to waste some hours or even days and back to your review for proofreading. If you have such an opportunity, ask someone to read it. There are some tips, which will help you on this step:

  • Don’t write everything about the plot, people who didn’t watch this film, should be intrigued;
  • Be sure that your review is written in accordance with the format;
  • Correct lexical, grammar and punctuation mistakes;
  • Use synonyms.

Movie reviews: other tips

As you see, to write a movie review is easy. But for lots of college students, it is really difficult. Firstly, it is because the process takes too much time. By the way, you have to watch the film twice or even more to write something quality. Having lots of different tasks, it is hard to imagine to complete all of them in time.

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