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How To Write a Great and Unique Criminal Justice Paper

How To Write a Great and Unique Criminal Justice Paper

If you are reading that article you should be a law student who has been assigned a criminal justice paper. Yes, we often see students just like you who struggle with such writing and want to get some help or assistance.

But don’t worry, experience troubles with writing criminal justice papers are normal while these papers require lots of time, effort, and special knowledge. This guide was created exactly for you to let you know how to write your outstanding criminal justice paper and get your best grade for it. 

What Is a Criminal Justice Paper

Before you even start working on your criminal justice paper, you should understand well what it is and what approach it requires. And a criminal justice paper requires thorough research and lots of technical writing skills.

As a rule, you are required to use original research and pull from peer-reviewed journals. You will also need to cite your sources properly, i.e. in Chicago or APA format. Keep in mind that your professor will expect to get 50% of well-known scientific information and 50% of your contribution. 

It means that first, you will need to do careful research on the topic, and then, you will have to analyze the material studied and support your analysis with credible evidence. 

The Structure of the Criminal Justice Paper

The structure of the criminal justice paper is not very different from that of other essays and includes an introduction, body part, and a conclusion. Let us find out what you should write in each of the parts for your better understanding.

Criminal justice paper introduction

The introduction is the first paragraph and part of your essay that makes your readers acquainted with the topic and what information you will tell throughout your essay. So here your task is to provide the problem you are going to discuss, the methods you use, and some references to researches conducted on that topic previously.

But keep in mind that college essays have high requirements and if your introduction is just a set of information and is not eye-catching, your grade will be lower. The aim of the introduction is not only to let everyone know what you write about but also to catch the attention of your readers and make them wish to read further.

Criminal justice paper body part

This part should be much longer than your introduction and should contain all the key information about your research. Here you provide your arguments and counterarguments on the message delivered in your paper.

Criminal justice paper conclusion

Your conclusion is as brief as your introduction. It is aimed to summarize everything you write before in your criminal justice paper. Adding some additional information in the conclusion is a no-no. No new information should be added here. 

It is only aimed to summarize the subject and the ways to improve the situation. The rule of being not boring should be applied to the conclusion as well. Just like an introduction, it is aimed to leave a track in the mind of your reader, so your task is to make it short and memorable.

Criminal Justice Paper Topics 

At first sight, the law may seem to be the discipline that doesn’t let your creativity and imagination free. However, to write an exciting paper, you should write something really interesting. So, first of all, your topic should be interesting for you.

When you write about something important for you, your audience will be interested to read it as well. So below, you will find some interesting criminal justice paper topics that may be quite inspiring for you.

Controversial criminal justice papers topics

  1. Death penalty ethics.
  2. The usage of sniffer dogs in the police.
  3. Limited rights of policemen.
  4. Crimes propaganda in modern music.
  5. The causes of school violence.
  6. Mental hospitals.
  7. The usage of marijuana for medical purposes.
  8. The importance of eyewitness evidence.
  9. War crimes punishments.
  10. Private prisons: the pros and cons.

Discrimination criminal justice papers topics

  1. Racial discrimination in prisons of the USA.
  2. The history of slavery and punishment.
  3. The most famous prisoners from Africa in the United States.
  4. Eyewitnesses and gender prejudice.
  5. The law enforcement bodies’ bias to African Americans.
  6. Negotiation process and discrimination.
  7. The crime rate and immigrants.
  8. Gender discrimination in prisons.
  9. Policemen and fashion culture.
  10. Racial conflicts in colleges.

Criminal justice papers topics for criminology research

  1. The methods of correction in cyber criminology.
  2. The ads preventing drunk driving.
  3. Social media and the identification of thefts.
  4. Aggression towards homeless people.
  5. The motives of the armed crime groups.
  6. The analysis of unemployment and the situation in the streets.
  7. Rehabilitation of crime witnesses.
  8. Child abuse.
  9. The propaganda of violence on TV. 
  10. Identification methods of forensic research. 

Criminal justice papers example

The role of the jury

The jury system supposes twelve people to sit in court during the criminal and civil events and make their decisions based on the facts. These people are not random people found through the TV announcement or just in the street. The juries are people who have highly respected in society thanks to their traits, dignity, and achievements. The jury system was created in England during the dark ages about 800 years ago. Since then, the system was changed a lot. But its basics are still the basics of the modern jury system in courts.

Such a system prevents the court from relying on false statements provided by one or both parties. It is excluded that one of the juries can be biased while all of them are chosen randomly. The system we ruled by the Juries Act 1974 and the 2003 Criminal Justice Act. It means that the system cannot be taken not seriously and is strongly backed up by law. The task of juries is to make notes, listen to evidence, and make a decision whether the defendant is guilty or not.

The final decision is voted and made by the majority of votes. None of the juries can bring their personal feeling to the decision. The jury system aims to make publicity trust the courts undeniably and undoubtedly.

It has been argued that the jury is not smart enough when it comes to law and may suppose the person is guilty only based on their personal feelings while being incompetent in the questions of embezzlement and fraud. 

As we can see, there are some shortcomings in the system of the jury but it is so necessary to keep the balance of the court system. It allows keeping both sides of the process satisfied. 

The Peculiarities of the Criminal Justice Papers

As you can see, criminal justice papers require some special knowledge of the discipline and certain writing skills and not every student can cope with that task. However, some tips will make your writing process much easier:

  • Stick to the formal writing style. Keeping your paper formal is a must. Law is not a discipline where you can slang or “social media” language. Also, you should shorten the usage of abbreviations. If you use not a formal language, it will reduce your grade a lot;
  • Proofread it as many times as necessary. Proofreading and editing are a must not only for criminal justice papers but for any other academic essay. After finishing your paper, you should give it some time and have some rest. Then get back to your paper again and reread it. You will have a fresh view of the main idea and will make some necessary improvements. Pay special attention to grammar errors and typos. Keep doing it until you are fully satisfied with the outcome;
  • Write an outline. Writing an outline is really helpful for any academic paper. It will help you have a better idea of what and how you will write about it. It is necessary to do notes on the stage of conducting your research on the topic.


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