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A Causal Essay in a College: Write It Easily!

A Causal Essay Guideline For Students With Practical Tips

Various essay tasks are so popular among college professors for a reason. It is one of the most efficient ways to check the student’s knowledge of the subject. Moreover, specific essay types help to develop individual skills. For instance, when you need to encourage the student to train critical thinking and analysis skills, a causal essay is the most efficient exercise.

The specificity of a causal essay

Some experts consider the “causal essay” another name of the “cause and effect essay,” others define them by the level. A causal essay is a more advanced and demanding form. Still, in essence, they are the same.

A causal essay is a paper where you need to research the causes of some event’s happening, and the consequences it had. It many cases, it is focused on some historical events or the most actual social trends of today.

The successful performance of this task requires that you collect a lot of data in different fields and analyze them thoroughly. Also, this paper must have an excellent structure with evident logical connections. It is not a trifle to compose a decent causal essay that will bring you the desired superior grade. So, we’ve created this article as a guideline for doing the assignment.

How to build the structure of a causal essay

A causal essay consists of three parts, like any other essay you write in a college. The difference is in the level of accuracy. Of course, no essay would demand to be as precise as possible in statements and arguments. However, a causal article is especially captious to the way you explain the causes of any event and how they are connected to the effects.

The three parts of a causal essay are:

  • The Introduction;
  • The Body;
  • The Conclusion.

In the Introduction section, you have to present the topic of the essay. You state the event, its causes, and the effect. Also, you need to explain why you think it is an important issue to research.

The Introduction part includes the thesis statement, and you have to pay special attention to this fragment. A thesis statement of a causal essay is a central idea of the work, as you write this paper to prove that statement.

The Body section is the major part of your essay, it takes about 75% of the whole volume. If you write a “traditional” essay with the Body of three paragraphs, here the main pattern is:

  • The first paragraph of the Body must refer to the thesis statement and support it. Here you also define the event and its causes;
  • In the second paragraph, you are to examine the effects your subject produced on the environment;
  • The third paragraph demands that you relate the impact to the causes and explore their connection.

Also, note the following aspects to take into consideration the Body part:

  • Every paragraph must be a logical piece itself, and it needs an opening and closing;
  • The main idea of your essay must be evident through all the paragraphs;
  • You have to choose strong arguments to support your thesis. You can also mention some other points of view to disprove them. Your goal is to prove your rightness, but you can show your all-around approach as well.

The Conclusion part is a smaller but essential element of your causal essay. It should refer to the thesis statement and stress once again that you are right about it. The “hit” final sentences must produce the emotional reaction of the audience.

As you see, the structure and the general requirements are the same for both the causal essay and other essays. However, it won’t forgive any failures in logic and reliability. These are the aspects you should be extra careful when you write the article. This essay is not about listing the causes and effects only – they are just elements of a bigger goal. You have to prove or disprove some belief.

More practical tips to help you with your causal essay

In fact, this type of assignment can be more gratifying than you might expect. By its nature, it lets you work on actual and engaging topics, so you can be interested and make your audience interested too.

Choose the right topic

As your job is to research, analyze, and find patterns, it is better to examine the area that appeals to you. Refer to the field where you already have some ideas and would like to know more.

The topic should be appealing to the audience, as well. People always respond to some concepts that are actual and burning. You may choose some historical theme or more abstract topic, but make sure you can relate it to some actual events.

Research the subject thoroughly and analyze the data

  • The sources you use must be trustworthy. Refer to reliable scientific resources and experts’ opinions. A causal essay demands that you provide evidence to support your thoughts, and you can’t afford to use some doubtful information.
  • Note that the research for this essay type should be more in-depth than you might do with other papers. To track the causes and effects, you have to analyze lots of data and make sure that some patterns are no co-incidence.
  • When you analyze the causes and effects, note that one reason may produce many results in different areas. Vice versa, one income can be a consequence of several preconditions. Make sure not to double them in your paper, as this would consume your time and make the text weaker.

Create a precise outline of an essay

As logical connections are the pillars of your essay, you need to ensure they are understandable. An outline is a necessary thing to grant this.

  • Define the main ideas of your paragraphs and match the chosen evidence to them;
  • Put them in the right order, and change that order, if necessary;
  • Track the logical connections and make sure that each next idea grounds on the previous statement;
  • Check your sources and note the references you will include in the essay. Assign each reference for the in-text citation to the right place in the outline.

Work on the grammar and the language choice

  • Academic writing is more demanding to the style than other forms. The language must be clear but in no way primitive. You should not use rare and over-complicated words. Choose verbs over verbal nouns and words with more specific meaning to make your content more precise.
  • Take your time to refresh your perception after the completion of the causal essay. The best way is to leave the text overnight and get back to in on the next morning, after a proper rest.
  • Revise the text several times with substantial time intervals. Edit the sentences if you find them unsuitable and fix errors of all types.
  • Check the essay with a reliable plagiarism checker. If you work on some popular topic, you might get into a trap of using some phrases or statements that seem to be “a common knowledge” for you. However, they can have their authorship, and you need to check that. Otherwise, you might be accused of plagiarism.

Topic ideas for your causal essay

It’s great if you already know what to write about. However, if you are still in doubt and have only uncertain ideas, refer to our suggestions. You are not required to take them directly; they can work as inspiration for you. We’ll be glad if our hints help you.

Modern technologies and their impact on society

  1. The impact of social networks on personal privacy.
  2. The impact of e-learning on social adaptation.
  3. Financial risks of online shopping.
  4. How does Internet access change children’s education?
  5. The causes of people’s vulnerability in front of propaganda.
  6. The impact of IT sector development on job immigration.
  7. Is Youtube the new influence leader?
  8. Modern technologies make life more stressful.
  9. What are the causes of cyber-bullying?
  10. What are the reasons for social media addiction?

Political events

  1. The causes of shooting in public places.
  2. The causes of economic problems in some EU countries.
  3. The grounds of “color revolutions” in European countries.
  4. Why do we witness the Neo-Nazism movements rise?
  5. What are the effects of governmental regulation on economics?
  6. China’s dominance – political grounds.
  7. The causes of terroristic movements in history.
  8. What are the outcomes of USA foreign politics in European countries?
  9. What are the leading causes of the Caribbean Crisis?
  10. Which causes made it possible the Trump’s political rise?

History and other world events

  1. The causes and effects of the French Revolution.
  2. What reasons do the Americans find for turning to religion in the 21st century?   
  3. Why do educational systems of the USA, UK, and China are different?
  4. The reasons for Great Britain’s traditionalism.
  5. The causes of the epidemic in Africa and Asia.
  6. The causes of the Indian caste system existence?
  7. The causes of the English language dominance in the world’s business and science.
  8. The causes of the great technical progress leap of the 20th century.
  9. The causes of modern civil wars.
  10. The causes of the slavery systems existence in the USA.

Social events and issues

  1. Why is racism still existent in the 21st century?
  2. What are the causes of gender bias?
  3. What are the reasons for the “influencers” culture rise?
  4. Why do sports celebrities become role models for young people?
  5. How does Facebook change the social environment?
  6. The reasons for the Twitter SJW community power increase.
  7. How do social media form people’s judgments?
  8. The causes of domestic violence.
  9. The influence of multi-culturalism vs. mono-culturalism on society.
  10. The impact of online dating and relationships.


A causal essay can be a really engaging assignment that will bring you lots of benefits. It helps to understand some topics better and train your research and analytical skills. In any case, with our recommendations, you can do this task efficiently. We’ll be glad to support you further, and if you need more assistance with any essay kinds – refer to us.