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100 Ideas For A Killer Analytical Essay

Have you ever written an analytical essay? A lot of students have never faced this assignment, that’s why sometimes this common task may be considered to be something extremely difficult. We are going to share our experience with you and give you some useful tips. We’ve prepared 99 topics that will help you to write a nice essay. 

This type of paper is necessary for the development of analytical and creative thinking. During preparing and writing, students need to define an issue, analyze it from different sides, find some arguments and support them with facts. Nowadays these skills considered to be vital. 

Analytical essays and other papers may be different. It depends on the object of the methods of the analysis. For example, you can describe a certain problem, tell about a book or a movie, to describe a phenomenon. All these essays would have a similar structure, but the different content. You can take a pretty serious topic, or just reflect your feelings on a particular theme. The main task is to show all the sides of the issue and your own opinion.

  • Your key to success: an effective topic 

Start with the topic. It will help you to grab your reader’s’ attention, to make your paper fascinating and intriguing. 

Whether you were assigned to write an analytical paper or have to do a literary analysis essay, a top-notch topic is the most essential thing you should tackle. How can you write a wonderful text, if its topic sounds cheesy? Remember, a good beginning is half the battle. Also, a good topic will give you inspiration and a desire to delve into the analysis.

How to come up with it? Let us give you some ideas: 

  1. Set your essay writing goals;
  2. Keep it in mind during writing;
  3. Write about something you’re interested in;
  4. Consider the topic from different sides, find pros and cons;
  5. Ensure it is neither too narrow nor broad;
  6. Make sure you’ve found enough information to use;
  7. Make your theme as straightforward and clear as possible;
  8. Avoid uncommon themes, as they may be complicated;
  9. Get rid of platitudes and evidence in your paper.

Interesting ideas every student can use

Sometimes all of us need some inspiration. It is not easy to be creative all the time, that’s why a list of good topics can help you. We’ve prepared it! Check out our essay themes. 

Good topics in society:

  1. Shooting homeless animals is a manifestation of cruelty and inhumanity.
  2. Modern security systems violate individual freedom.
  3. Can Men and Women Be Friends?
  4. Marriage of convenience is better than a marriage of love.
  5. Computer games develop a personality.
  6. Can we avoid an issue of inequality? 
  7. Addiction: can it be a personal choice?
  8. Does the weight affect a relationship quality?
  9. Gender roles are changing now: pros and cons.
  10. What is the best age for video games?

Analytical essay topics on personality:

  1. How to raise a good person?
  2. Is it possible to avoid a personality disorder?
  3. How do peers influence a teenager’s behavior?
  4. What addictions affect teenagers? How to avoid this?
  5. The role of the family in personality development.
  6. What is so appealing about gambling?
  7. Why does substance abuse still exist?
  8. Why does bullying happen?
  9. Are teachers responsible for raising a child?

Topics on education:

  1. Why students should not wear uniforms?
  2. Is bullying just a school issue?
  3. How can poor children obtain a decent education?
  4. New school subject: sex education. What’s next?
  5. How do you increase participation in school activities?
  6. Should we abandon the evaluation system of education?
  7. Why do you need a gap year?
  8. College creative writing lessons: pros and cons.
  9. Is it possible to earn good money without higher education?
  10. How does sport improve brain activity?

Literature topic ideas:

  1. Tell about your favorite book or short story.
  2. How relevant is the school curriculum in literature?
  3. Analyze the context of a proposed book.
  4. What is the main question of your favorite book?
  5. Why is reading a necessary skill today?
  6. How many books have you read this year? Is it important to count?
  7. Do we always understand what the author wants to convey?
  8. Does the personality of the author affect the content of the book?
  9. What would your book be about?
  10. Analyze your bookshelf.

Popular topics on movies and entertainment:

  1. How TV shows harm to children and adolescents.
  2. Horror films: entertainment or hell for the psyche?
  3. What movie do you consider to be the best for the younger generation?
  4. What movie do you consider to be the worst for the younger generation?
  5. Do historical films reflect reality?
  6. What movie hero would you be?
  7. Are books always better than movies?
  8. Why do people decide to become actors?
  9. Why are movies better than books?
  10. Do TV shows create a new reality?

Essay topics about nature and animals 

  1. Why do cosmetic brands refuse animal testing?
  2. A week alone with nature: what is the use?
  3. Why are dogs better than cats?
  4. Why are cats better than dogs?
  5. What human qualities do animals have?
  6. Can a person who does not like animals be good?
  7. How to solve the issue of stray animals?
  8. Why do children need pets?
  9. Zoos: rescue or torture?
  10. The importance of animal training.

Health topic list:

  1. Health insurance: who do need it?
  2. Do we need to adopt price controls on pills?
  3. Health benefits of classical music?
  4. The thinner the healthier?
  5. Drink pills or endure?
  6. Why is euthanasia not legalized everywhere?
  7. How cannabis treats cancer?
  8. How much should doctors earn?
  9. Can doctors study badly?
  10. Will medicine save the world?

10 essay topics on equality:

  1. Why do criminals live in poor neighborhoods?
  2. Poor childhood = successful future?
  3. Why do many celebrities come from poor families?
  4. Should we raise taxes for rich people?
  5. Are all people equal?
  6. Should children from different walks of life study together?
  7. Why do immigrants need equal rights with citizens?
  8. Does poverty affect mindset?
  9. Why do ghetto areas still exist?
  10. What can I do for equality?

Essay topics on youth and teens:

  1. How are youth mass media changing?
  2. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat: development or evil?
  3. Why should video games be banned?
  4. How can parents help their child?
  5. How to avoid cyberbullying?
  6. How do we encourage bullying?
  7. Why are children cruel?
  8. How do children from unstable families behave in society?
  9. Why are parents to blame for our problems?
  10. Does a teenager need a psychotherapist?

10 crime essay topics:

  1. How to get into the gang?
  2. What can we do with gangster behavior in a child?
  3. Why is crime increasing?
  4. What about white-collar crime? Do they need to be severely punished?
  5. How does the mass media affect crime rates?
  6. Are there any criminals in happy families?
  7. Why is it scary to let a child out?
  8. Everyone needs self-defense skills.
  9. How to help a child in a bad company?
  10. How to recognize a teenager with drug abuse?

Inspiring by these topics, you will write an excellent analytical essay. If you don’t feel confident, you can order a paper. Our professional writers will write an excellent essay for you, 100% unique and creative. Save your time and energy for something else!